How to Create Local Bibliographic Records for Equipment

  1. In the metadata editor, make sure you are saving your records locally. Select the New menu and click on Placement Options. 
Placement Options
  1. Select “Local” for the Placement of new records and templates. Click Save. (Remember to change this back to “Network” before cataloging regular library items.
Local placement for saved records
  1. On the New menu, under MARC 21 Bibliographic, click on Books (Default) 
New books work form
  1. Fill in the information you want in your bibliographic record.
Sample bib record
  1. Click Save to save the record.
  2. Click the +Add Inventory menu, and under Add MARC21 Holdings click Books (Default) 
Add Holdings
  1. If you are not using a standard call number scheme, make the first indicator 8 in the 852 field. Click CTRL-F to open the form editor and use the drop-down menus to fill in the subfields for the 852 field. 
  2. You can place a call number/location in $$h and $$i if needed. Click Save. 
Sample holding record
  1. Click the +Add Inventory menu, and click on Add Item
Add Item
  1. Fill in the item record form, and save the record 
Sample item record copy 1
  1. If you have more equipment to add to this holdings record, click +Add Item at the top of the Items list.
Item list
  1. Change the description and copy numbers to indicate this piece of equipment is different from the other one, click Save.
Sample item record copy 2
  1. In the metadata editor, release all records from the MARC21 Bib tab and the Holdings tab. 
Release records
  1. Here’s how the record looks in Alma: 
Record in Alma


(updated 7/17/2023)