Add a local extension field to a bibliographic record

You can preserve local information in a bibliographic record using local extension fields. Adding a local extension field to a bibliographic record will:

  • Make that field only visible to the owning library
  • Protect the field from being over-written by newly imported records

Starting with the record open in the Metadata Editor, click the menu “Editing Actions” and then select “Add Local Extension.”

Add local extension image

A blank field with the local extension “building symbol” will appear.

insert local extension field

Fill in the field information:

Fill in field information

Save the record. By saving the record, the field will be sorted into its proper place in the record.

Note: Local extension fields generally have a “9” in them. For example: 590, 691, 900.

Here is a full list of local extension fields for ODIN libraries.


(updated 10/18/2023)