ODIN Online Dakota Information Network

Our Vision
To be a catalyst, connector, and partner while empowering libraries.

Our Mission
To deliver innovative & sustainable solutions for essential & affordable library resources.

​Our Values
We provide positive and welcoming experiences.
We act inclusively, valuing and respecting differences.
We are knowledgeable, respectful and engaged.
We value free and open access to information and technology.

Our Goals and Strategies​ ​ ​

1. Engage libraries in experiences which support growth and learning.

  • Grow technology beyond the walls of the library.
  • Develop library technology to minimize cost & maximize value.
  • Develop sustainable partnerships.

2. Deliver relevant and accessible technology platforms.

  • Balance access to electronic and print collections to meet evolving demand.
  • Provide access to educational resources.
  • Offer training to support workforce development.
  • Explore non-traditional technologies.

3.Provide technologies to enhance access to information, knowledge and services.

  • Foster the innovative use of library technology to improve efficiency and service delivery.
  • Provide new tools, technologies, software and techniques that tap into and unleash imagination and creativity.
  • Expand opportunities for libraries to collaborate.

​4. Achieve greater awareness of the value of each member Library.

  • Develop web solutions in collaboration with each member Library.
  • Employ traditional and new media approaches to support library staff.
  • Collaborate and leverage total cost of ownership.
  • Update branding options.

​5. Cultivate an innovative, flexible & adaptive culture that invites access and participation.

  • Provide a consistent level of service across all libraries; allow libraries the flexibility to tailor options.
  • Optimize the staffing of the ODIN Office.
  • Review, update, revise and adopt guidelines and procedures that maximize the use of services.

​6. Staff have the ability, leadership, and mentoring skills needed to help themselves succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Develop and recruit ODIN Office staff for evolving roles.
  • Provide educational opportunities for staff at all levels.
  • Develop statistical competencies.
  • Empower staff to act and make decisions within their circle of influence.



This document is subject to periodic review.                                                                                                                                                               Approved by OAC: 9/17/2019