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Links to the PRODUCTION server are:

LEAP Client - PRD     Polaris PAC - PRD     Simply Reports - PRD  

Links to the TRAINING server are:

LEAP Client - TRN      Polaris PAC - TRN     Simply Reports - TRN

The Polaris Remote App is used to access the Polaris client in order to conduct Cataloging and other technical services activity as well as Reports. 

Those conducting Circulation activity will use LEAP – Polaris’ web application, which is at

Only those users needing cataloging, technical services and report functionality need to download the Polaris Remote App.

Instructions (Windows) - updated 4/2/2024  

Instructions (Mac/iPad) 

NOTE 1: Right click on the attachment ODIN_RemoteApp.wcx below and select "Save link as" or however your particular browser words the way to download files. 

NOTE 2: The Edge browser does not handle the download correctly. Please use Chrome or Firefox to download and run the Configuration File.

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Polaris Workstations

A list of all the workstations (computers) that will be used to connect to Polaris is needed. This list should include all circulation, cataloging, or other computers and devices that staff will use to work with or connect with the Polaris client. We do NOT need any information related to OPAC patron access such as catalog search kiosks, but we DO need devices like self-checkout.  

For every device, we need to know the Device Name and a Workstation Name.

 The “Device Name” is the official name of the computer.

  • For Windows 10 and 11, this can be found under Start --> Settings (the 'gear') --> System --> About --> "Device Name". You can also use the keyboard shortcut: Hold down the Windows key then press X+Y 
  • For any Windows, you may also run: msinfo32 in a terminal or in the computer's search prompt and the name will be under "System Name"
  • For Mac OS, this can be found under the Apple --> System Preferences --> Sharing --> "Computer Name" 

The “Workstation Name” will be the "Display Name" of that computer that will be shown in Polaris and is different than the device name, but must:

  1. be unique
  2. be no more than 15 characters
  3. begin with your ADM code (ex. WFP-) or other unique identifier.

Linked below are step-by-step instructions for finding the device name for Windows 10 and 11. 

How to Find my Device Name on Windows

Printing from the Polaris Remote Client

In order to print from the remote client, you will need to install a utiltity called ScrewDrivers.

You can download the Screwdrivers Utility from here: IF the latest version does not work for you, try to install the legacy version 6.9.0.