Innovative Idea Exchange

Got a great idea for improving Polaris Leap? The Innovative Idea Lab is now the Idea Exchange! 

The Idea Exchange allows users to submit, comment on, and vote on ideas for product enhancements. Ideas with the most community support can appear in upcoming versions of Polaris!

How it works:

1.  Sign in or Create and an account at
2.  Enter your idea into the search bar. 
      a.  If your idea has already been submitted, make sure to vote on it.
      b.  If it hasn’t yet been submitted, an option to Post A New Idea will appear.
3.  Post and vote on as many Enhancement ideas as you would like!

The Idea Exchange is available to any and all library staff that use Polaris. If you submit an Enhancement to the Idea Exchange, feel free to bring it up in future user group meetings to garner additional support from staff at your fellow ODIN libraries!  

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please submit a Help Ticket to the ODIN Office.