ACAD Discovery/PrimoVE User Group Meeting - June 2021

Jun 18 2021 | 11am - 12pm

6/18 via Teams

No problems getting into the Teams meeting today

Lynn main contact for both groups and will work in tandem with Jason – reach out to both is fine and can start with Lynn too

  • Member Updates

Amanda (UJ) New director starting July 8 – Tuya Dutton

NDSCS (NDW): Amy:working on tiny bit of clean-up on a local electronic collection in NDSCS's catalog

UND: creating collections

Tina BSC: We're working on reorganizing our archives, adding books and other items to the collection, weeding serials

Ellen (ODIN): We're gearing up to release a new ODIN website in early July

  • Demonstration/Instruction

Leganto (Monica and Staci DSU)

“Reading Lists (that’s how it’s branded) Experience” PPT: this will be on Teams site

  • Goals outlined – meeting students where they are, Blackboard
    • Cuts down on Permalink issues! Copyright Compliance
  • Potential for much more than a list of links
  • Variety of sources can be managed – by librarian or by the instruction themself
  • Pros/Cons
  • Samples: and this Leganto example
  • Technology issues: Blackboard support is provided – could have discussions about templates/continuity
  • Ask to consider/discuss: all ODIN libraries join us - promote as a group? Use OER funds to incentivize? We should start discussing this at our institutions and bring to our directors and they can bring to the ODIN advisory council
  • Questions:
  • Do the faculty see how many students clicked and if so, can they access the names of the students who clicked or did not click? - Yes, The faculty can see how many. Seeing the detailed stats with names is an opt in feature
  • Accessibility problems? No problems reported but since the reading isn’t located within Bboard may not show up – definitely a way to upload, etc. They have PDF scans of book chapters currently.
  • Cost? It’s an add on – DSU got in at the RFP price and ODIN did also put in some money – add-on fee of $8,500 and yearly fee $2500 plus any CCC costs incurred but it will be higher – the more that go in, the better the price. 2 research institutions would be higher price but others may not vary too much. The implementation fee may be a barrier.
  • Do you have more instructors interested in using it this Fall? Promotion piece is the hardest part – we don’t want to send our students on resource hunts has been the pitch
  • Efficiencies – there's ways to publish so that the lists could be shared throughout NDUS – documents or open web, Instructors can roll over their lists year to year.
  • Hesitation with giving students the sources rather than providing instruction on research skills needed to locate them – there may be a way to manage Leganto without providing the item itself. Why pay for Leganto then? Consistency in Blackboard course shell presentation – a unified place.

 how many students clicked and if so, can they access the names of the students who clicked or did not click?

  • Other Discussion Items

Problematic Gale in Content College Resource linkouts (Liz) - links are broken (technical difficulties error message) AND they block the links to any other targets – Liz added another ticket (3rd one) this week and trying to get an answer since March – she could deactivate this collection for the libraries until it’s resolved – put a ticket in

Assessment (Kristen)

  • Holding Spot
    • GovDoc Search (July meeting?)
    • LibGuides and Primo: - note we don’t have resource recommender because additional cost
    • Personalizing results
    • Managing display of results