Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - October 2022

Oct 26 2022 | 9 - 10am

Meeting Summary:


  • Tina Stockdill is our newest ODIN Tech Support Specialist
  • Starts November 1st
  • New ODIN Liaison for Alma Fulfillment & Resource Sharing User Groups

November Feature Release 

  • Sandbox - October 23rd
  • Production - November 6th
  • Release Update - November 13th
  • Release Notes
  • Resource Sharing Task List
    • The new RS Task List will become the default with the November release
    • You will have the option to opt out of this UI to continue using the classic task list
    • Demo on opting out of new RS Task List
  • Receiver's Name in Email Address
    • Will be possible to include the receiver’s name in the email address in emails sent from Alma
    • The hope is it will decrease the chances of having the email count as spam when it arrives in a recipient's inbox
    • General --> Other Settings: include_recipient_name_in_email_address = True

Resource Sharing Directory

  • Central place with up-to-date info about Resource Sharing libraries in Alma
  • Being part of the Directory means you can borrow and lend with other Directory libraries across the country, expanding your RS options
  • This is especially helpful for libraries that can’t afford Worldshare or need to drop it due to budget constraints
  • One page RS Directory Info Sheet available under Attachments at top of page
  • Contributing to the Resource Sharing Directory
  • Resource Sharing Directory FAQ's

Library Updates

  • NDSCS - Finished with stacks deletion project, library instruction sessions, archives-related work
  • WSC - Nothing new related to RS
  • BSC - Met with Tony from OCLC to fix automated lender strings in Worldshare. BSC has loved the Alma/Worldshare export functionality and encourages other libraries to utilize it. Just reach out to ODIN to get started. Also, Tina is leaving BSC and joining the ODIN Office. She has been busy setting up BSC for success and tying up loose ends before her departure.
  • DSU - DSU is without a librarian since Monica left and is very short-staffed. Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of interest in the Director position either, so they've been leaning on their student workers more. Just trying to keep their heads above water and the doors open for now.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 28th at 9am CST