Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - June 2022

Jun 29 2022 | 9 - 10am

Meeting Summary:


  • Linda Allbee was named new Directory of ODIN and will begin her new role September 3rd, 2022. Congratulations, Linda!
  • August 2022 Feature Release Highlights
    • New User Interface for Resource Sharing Borrowing & Lending Requests Task List
    • Option to opt in or continue using current UI
    • Ex Libris Webinar scheduled for Aug. 10th (Link to Register)
  • Exporting Borrowing Requests to Worldshare ILL Demonstration
    • NBJ configuration & testing have been successful so far
    • Nicole demonstrated how the functionality works
    • Configuration Instructions
  • Agenda Submission: How does each library handle Digital Resource Sharing requests?
  • Library Updates:
    • UND - Dean Stephanie Walker took a position at U Mass in Boston. Her last day will be August 15th. Sally Dockter will be the interim dean
    • WSC - It has been decided that the current library position opening will not be filled this fall. Katie Wenke will continue to fill this role in addition to being the Director for Extending Learning.
    • BSC - Trying out some different borrowing system options. Working out great so far. Patiently waiting to get IPEDS data for the fiscal year.
  • Alma Round 2 Enhancement Voting
    • UND - Some that stood out related to ILL were 7931 (editing barcode for resource sharing items within the resource sharing request), 7876 (editing letter functionality), and 7705 (being able to customize cancellation reason).
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31st at 9am CST.