Alma Cataloging User Group - January 2022

Jan 10 2022 | 2 - 3pm


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Ongoing Topics:

  • Network Zone: prepping for Merge and Combine Inventory
    • Brief level rule- Shelby, Jenny, Tina, Ben, and Liz are meeting to discuss on Wednesday.
  • Network Zone: delete “unused” bibliographic records
    • Liz will prepare a new set of records and share with everyone before deleting.
      • Bibs created before July 1, 2020
      • Run the job “Identify records that are not used in the Network”
      • Remove the STA_DELETED records from the set
    • Tuya asked about DARA recommendations to link records to NZ or CZ records. Shelby explained that sometimes you don’t want to do that because your license is only for your library and others cannot use the resource anyway.
  • Automatic deletion of NZ bibliographic record not held by other institutions setting – after deleting unused records Liz will activate this setting and send out screenshots of the workflow.
    • It was suggested that we would do the delete job and then we would activate this. Liz will test it in the sandbox and send out screenshots of what it looks like. It will eliminate one of the sources of unused bibliographic records in the NZ.

New Topics:

  • ExLibris and EBSCOhost have new settings for accessing EBSCOhost databases. It uses the library’s Customer ID and a new id called an OPID. 
    • Ex Libris recommends setting this up. They say: “With the new EBSCO openURL resolver, the EBSCO integration profile (EBSCO link resolver plugin) is no longer needed and should be removed or deactivated, otherwise it can filter away links to resources to which you have access and the EBSCO link resolver will now display.”
    • Instructions here:…
    • Tuya noticed that the EBSCOhost ebooks collection doesn’t have a place for the OPID. Liz will ask Ex Libris about the EBSCOhost ebooks collection.
  • Are people interested in informal, open discussions when there aren’t more concrete items on the agenda?
    • Kelly suggested we have the open discussion at the end of the meeting so people can attend if they choose. Decided the topic for our next meeting will be the metadata editor.
    • We will decide on the topic for open discussion at the previous meeting. Lynn suggested having a section on the agenda for “topics for future discussion” and the group can add topics there for when there is time.
  • IPEDS e-resources statistics and the Network Zone
    • ODIN recently learned that to get the total number of electronic resources (ebooks, serials, etc.) they will need to run reports from the Network Zone and distribute them to libraries. The libraries will then add together what they have in their IZ and the number from the NZ.
    • Lynn asked if any librarians with experience with IPEDS will meet with her or form a group about the IPEDS data. We will be posting information under the “Systems and analytics” area of the ODIN website. Tuya would like to have some help on IPEDS and would like to be in the group as well. Jenny is happy to share and assist with the group as well.
  • Staci – Stoxen library is going to be creating a Theodore Roosevelt Collection at a different location. A lot of the books are old. Staci does not have much experience with rare books, and she is looking for advice.
    • Labels, etc. – Rare books should only be marked with pencil. No labels, pens, stamps, or anything like that. Do not remove existing labels because you can damage the book.
    • UND types the title/author/call number on an acid-free card, and place that in the book. They also wrap the book in acid-free wrappers. So, if they want a label they put on the wrapper and not on the book.
    • There are new rules for cataloging rare materials that Shelby believes should be getting approved this month. Rare book cataloging can be much more detailed than you would a regular book. Sometimes you would describe physical characteristics of the item. Shelby can share the link to the new documentation once it is approved.