Setting up EBSCOhost electronic resources with the new (2022) link resolver settings

  1. Add the customer ID and OPID to the electronic collection service for ALL EBSCOhost databases.
    1. Click the row action menu, and click on Edit Service
      Click edit service
    2. Select the Linking Tab and scroll to the bottom of the page
      select linking tab
    3. In the Linking Parser Parameters table fill in the Customer ID and the OPID
      enter customer id and opid
  2. After you have updated all the EBSCOhost databases with the new parser information, delete the EBSCO Integration profile.
    1. Click on Configuration > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles
      configure integration profiles
    2. Select the row action menu for the EBSCO entry, and select Delete
Delete the EBSCO link resolver plugin