ACAD Discovery/PrimoVE User Group Meeting - October 2021

Oct 15 2021 | 11am - 12pm

This is the monthly user group meeting to discuss Discovery/PrimoVE issues related to ODIN Libraries using ALMA/PrimoVE. We meet on the 3rd Friday of each month at 11 am central.

10/15 via Teams - AGENDA (see attachment or recording for more information)

  • Member Updates
  • Other Discussion Items
    • October 2021 Release – Virtual Browse and Browse by call number issues resolved
    • ExLibris Updates / IGeLU 2021 – Lynn (ODIN) – review Discovery related items from sessions
      • see attached file Discovery – Notes from IGelU conference
      • Nov 2021 (hopefully?) they will rollout a new feature - Quicklinks to PDF
      • PDF and accessibility concerns - if some vendors are worse than others, it’s the librarians who need to complain to these vendors – ODIN is happy to collect this information and pass along to Primo too but they can’t dictate anything to the vendors.
    • Question: Do any ODIN academic libraries have unpay wall ( available in Primo VE? DSU activated it and it seems to work – will share a couple example searches at next month’s meeting.
    • Problems with Item Fulfillment followup –
      • Nicole works with libraries on these issues and heads up the two User Groups for Resource Sharing (among other libraries) and Fulfillment (circulation of materials) - NDSU is using Tipasa (an OCLC product) that integrates well with Primo. Discussions at State Library/ODIN Steering Committee meeting will be covering this.  Tech Talk in Nov on ILL Solutions  
      • Recording of Nicole’s demo on document delivery from their latest meeting. Meetings are open - see to sign up for the Listservs and be notified of upcoming ones.
  • Demonstration/Instruction -- Items moved to 11_19 agenda
  • Other Discussion
    • Start planning for User Group Chair election – nominations in November / elections in December.
      • Would like to have 2 candidates and ODIN does much of the logistics management – Kristen agreed it’s a fun and pleasant experience and thinks some members would be excellent candidates and hope they put their names in (before she pesters them).
      • Snippet from the governance document ( below:


An academic User Group Chair is elected in December by an online ballot (majority vote among User Group listserv members voting) or consensus within User Group.  The term of a User Group Chair is two years beginning in January.   If a Chair is unable to complete their term, a new chair is elected at a User Group meeting.

  • Kristen shared a couple of times during the noon hour while teaching Primo did strange things, such as displaying by Author so that the title wouldn’t appear on the results list and another time the citation chaining arrows just opened to blank screens vs the article listing. No one else has experienced that and Lynn said to try to get some screenshots when that happens so they can report it with proof to Primo.
  • Kelly said they were having problems with Gale College in Context resources preventing any other paths for the resource to be seen so she had Liz disable it and it works much better now.

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