Polaris Training Server Information

Polaris Training Server Information

Email sent 12/19/19 to ODIN-PKS-LIBS listserv below.

*** PLEASE NOTE:  TRN server interface color has been updated from YELLOW to SALMON  and links to outdated documentation have been removed in this document. ***

All ODIN Polaris libraries are officially live! Congratulations to everyone for their perseverance and hard work during this time!

  • New training documentation is available.
  • The ILL process continues to be worked on between Polaris libraries and Academics.

Lastly, the Polaris training server is ready for use. One thing you will note is when you log in, you will specifically see a note indicating you are logging into the training environment. Secondly, the interface is in salmon color, so that will give you another indication you are in training and *not* production. NOTE: transactions conducted in the training environment DO NOT affect production records. Please be very careful in connecting to the appropriate environment.

To access Training LEAP:  https://odin-training.polarislibrary.com/leapwebapp

To access Training PAC:   https://odin-training.polarislibrary.com/polaris

To access the training Polaris Client, go to Control Panel | Remote App and Desktop Connections. On this screen click ‘View Details’ and then ‘Update Now.’

This refreshes/updates your Client connection, and when you look at your start menu, you will now have TWO options to access the Polaris Client – one for Production and one for Training. If you’ve previously added a shortcut to your desktop or icon tray, it should continue to point to Production. Again, look for the connection note (and the color salmon) as indicators if you are indeed connecting to Training.



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