Returning Items in Alma

After logging into Alma, assure that you are ‘at’ your current Circulation Desk. To change locations, click the drop-down arrow next to your location to select another from the list.

Setting locating in Alma

1. Returning Items

From the Fulfillment menu, select Return items.

Return items menu

 On the Manage Item Returns screen, scan the item barcode.

Return item scan barcode

Once the item is checked in, the record will display with instructions on how to handle the item (reshelve, send to hold shelf, etc.) and the cursor returns to the item barcode box so the next item can be scanned and returned.

Returned items results list

2. Backdating Items

The Manage Item Return screen allows the user to backdate the time of checkin for items as well, such as when returning material from the bookdrop, or after a library closure. Use the pop-out calendar to select an override date. Click the ‘x’ next to the override return date to clear it, or click Exit.

Backdating returned items screen


3. Returning Items from Patron's Account Page

Alternatively, it is possible to return items when managing a patron’s account. From the Fulfillment heading, select Manage Patron Services.

Manage patron services menu

 In the Patron Identification box that is displayed, scan the patron’s barcode, enter the patrons EMPL, or enter a portion of the patron’s name. The system will respond with auto-fill options – select the correct patron in this case to go to their record. Scanning the barcode or EMPL will take you directly to the record without a need to select from a drop-down menu.

Look up user account

 The patron management screen is displayed. There are four tabs available – Loans, Returns, Requests and Network Activity. With the Returns tab highlighted, scan the item barcode into the barcode field.

User account returns tab

It’s generally not necessary to return from the patron’s record. What may be more beneficial to know is there is the ability to see what items the patron has returned. Change the Returns of this session to All Returns to see a history of what the patron has returned.

User returns history