Polaris Client: Adding Item Templates

Basic Information for adding item record templates in the Polaris Cataloging Client.

1. After logging into the client, select the new icon, go the File | New or click Ctrl+N

New icon

2. In the New dialog box, select Item Template and click OK.

New item template menu

3. An empty item record displays. Enter the name of the template, It is recommending to use a naming convention where the name begins with your library’s 3 letter code such as SFD Archives.

New item template workform

4. Enter values you wish to be consistently applied when creating item records that fit the description for this template. For example, perhaps I wish to apply this template to every item I create that goes into the collection Archives. Those items have the same material type, same loan period, and same fine code. I can enter values into all of those fields, and then when I apply the template when creating new items, those values will automatically be entered into the record.

Item template workform

Fields that can be utilized in the template:

  • Noncirculating check box
  • Display in PAC check box
  • Price
  • Owner
  • Assigned
  • Collection
  • Shelf location
  • Material type
  • Loan period
  • Fine code
  • Renewal limit
  • Stat Code
  • Call Number Scheme
  • Loanable outside system
  • Holdable
  • Limited holds

5. Once values have been added, click the save icon, select File | Save or Ctrl + S to save the template.

Save item template icon

6. When creating items either in the Client or in Leap, you are able to apply the template to populate information.


Item template in client


Item template in leap

7. To modify or delete a template, first search for the template in the client. In an item search, change the object to Item Templates, or select Cataloging | Templates | Item.

Searching for an item template

Once you find your template, double-click on it.

Item template search results

 The template displays, and you are able to edit and re-save it.  Alternatively, the template can be deleted by selecting the delete icon, going to File | Delete or Ctrl + D.

Editing or deleting item template