Leap: Adding Items

Basic Information for adding item records to existing bibs via Polaris Cataloging in Leap.

  1. After logging into Leap, search for a bibliographic record. The best search to yield a match to your item is an ISBN search. Double-click on the record to view the full bib.
Find Tool search by ISBN image
  1.  With the bib on the screen, it's important to look at the MARC tab to evaluate the record.
Bibliographic Record Image
  1. In the MARC tab, verify that the record matches the item you have in hand. Check for obvious matching fields – such as author, title, publisher, ISBN – but also look at the physical description field (for example to assure you are viewing a physical book record and not an e-book record).
MARC Record Image
  1. Once you are sure the record matches your material, add your item to the record. Go to the Item tab and click NEW ITEM.
Create New Item Image

Alternatively, click the Actions menu and select Create Item.

Actions Create Item Image
  1. A new Item Record form will be displayed. 
New Item Record Form Image
  1. First, select a template from the drop-down menu. This will pre-fill many of the fields in the item record.

    Select the template Image
  2. The great thing about templates is that they prevent mistakes. Using a template makes sure certain fields are filled in correctly every time.
  3. Below you can see the fields that are now filled in: Assigned Branch, Collection, Shelf location (optional), Material Type, Loan Period, Fine Code, Statistical Code (optional), and Owning Branch.
Fields filled in by template Image
  1.  Next fill in the call number. Here are some examples of call numbers showing different parts: 

Example Fiction 
Prefix: F  
Class: KING 

Example Nonfiction 
Prefix: NF 
Class: 813.54 
Cutter: KIN 

Example Fiction with a Suffix
Prefix: E FIC
Class: SAN
Suffix: KIT 

  1. Each library has its own rules about prefixes, suffixes, and cutters. However, ODIN libraries need to place the cutter in the classification field when cataloging fiction, like the first example above. 
  2. Another important thing to know is that you should avoid putting information in the Volume field unless it is volume information for a multi-part set or a serial. Adding information to this field will force item-level holds which are only appropriate for multi-part sets and serials.
  3. Below the call number fields, the price, and the barcode are now filled in. Click CREATE ITEM to save the record.
Call number fileds filled in Image




(Updated 1/11/2023)