Alerts generated when a PO line is overdue

Alerts Generated

When a PO line is overdue, one of the following alerts is generated:

  • Overdue PO line – The PO line was not received/activated within the expected number of days after placing the order or by the expected receipt/activation date.
  • Open claims exist for this PO line – The PO line was sent to the Claims Task List. For one-time physical PO lines (or any PO lines, for vendors that support EDI claims), an email is automatically sent to the vendor, inquiring about the late delivery of the order. Note that the automatic email is sent only once to the vendor.
    Note that the PO line may leave the Claim Task List, but this alert will remain until the claim is closed.
    Subsequent communication  with the vendor takes place using the Communications tab on the PO Line Summary page (see Communicating with Vendors).
    When claiming notification is sent to the vendor by email, and a claim is created for this PO Line, it can be handled in the PO Line and Vendor Communication tab.
  • For one-time physical PO lines: <x> items were received out of <y> ordered – How many items have been received out of the total number ordered. In the Alerts tab, there is a link to the Received Items List (note that you must be within the correct department), which contains a list of all the items in the PO line.
  • For continuous physical PO lines: No item was received in more than <Subscription interval> days – The number of days that have passed since an item was received. For example, if the PO Line subscription interval is 30 days, then every 30 days an item should be received, so if the PO Line does not have expected items and for more than 30 days no item was received, then the PO Line is set to claim with this alert.
  • Electronic resource was not activated (for electronic PO lines) – The PO line’s electronic resource has not yet been activated. In the Alerts tab, there is a link to the Electronic Resource Activation Task List.