User Group Meeting

RESCHEDULED: Alma Fulfillment User Group Meeting - March 2022

Mar 31 2022 | 9 - 10am

Meeting Summary:

  • This meeting was rescheduled from Wednesday, March 30th at 9am.
  • Updates
    • Alma releases will move to quarterly with monthly maintenance releases
      • May Release = Last full monthly release (features & fixes)
      • June & July Releases = Resolved issues only
      • August Release = First quarterly full release 
    • March Release (Prod. release March 6th)
      • Require Explicit Confirmation of Fulfillment Messages
        • Prevents unintended confirmation of pop-up Fulfillment messages by hitting Enter or scanning the next item
        • Configuration --> Fulfillment --> Other Settings --> disable_enter_closing_fulfillment_popups parameter
      • Allow due date after patron account expiry date
        • Can enable staff to extend a loan due date at check-out beyond the expiry date of a patron
        • Configuration --> Fulfillment --> Other Settings --> extend_due_date_beyond_user_expiry parameter
Due date is shortened
  • April Release (Prod. release April 3rd)
    • Support for 'Reply to' Address in Letters
      • Check 'Circulation Communication' in Library Details Contact Info
  • Nicole will be doing an ODIN Workday presentation on "Overdue & Lost Loan Profiles + Corresponding Letters/Notices
  • Discussed options for Round 1 Alma NERS Enhancement Voting in Fulfillment/Resource Sharing
    • Deadline to submit feedback is April 7th
    • Submit feedback via ODIN Help Ticket or email Linda (
  • It was suggested there be a Teams channel created for Alma Fulfillment to post meeting agendas, recordings, discussion topics, etc.
    • Jason created the channel and the agenda & recording for the March 31st meeting have been posted
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th at 9am