User Group Meeting

Polaris Cataloging User Group - September 2021

Sep 23 2021 | 10 - 11am

September 23, 2021 -- PKS Cataloging Group Meeting Notes


New items:

  • What’s new in your library? Questions?
    • West Fargo PL- busy withdrawing old items to make room for new items. Shelves in cataloging rooms full of items being withdrawn that will be sold at the book sale in October. Mary is also working on special projects before she retires.
    • Grand Forks PL- They are in the process of learning how to use acquisitions for on orders. Team effort, the IS department is creating order records and Bobbi and Lori are doing the cataloging. They have found they cannot use their templates when creating on order records to it is more labor intensive than it used to be. Other libraries should be seeing the on order records now, they’ve been doing this for about two weeks now.
    • NDSL – They are getting a new statewide cataloging person soon. Interviewing next week.
  • Items without collection codes; prep for annual reports
    • In preparation for annual reports, we’ve encountered item records without collections. State Library they have reviewed theirs and they seem to be temporary item records that are created for ILL outside Polaris. Grand Forks’ list appears to be on order records, and those with barcodes numbers are recently cataloged ones that now have a collection in the record. West Fargo’s report lists items that are mostly On-the-fly items and they may be difficult because they are in storage, circ folks are supposed to be catching those and route them to cataloging for making the full record.
    • Stacey described the On-the-fly issue with the statewide libraries- how Polaris will prompt for creation of the on-the-fly item after a malformed scan of the barcode. If libraries do that, it takes that malformed barcode and creates a new item, and then the item does not get scanned in properly when it is returned.
  • Reminder: the item record owner should be the branch, not the library
  • Stacey’s tips:
    • Load multiple items at once in the popup where you’re selecting a template
    • Enlarge the font in Polaris windows with Ctrl-Shift-Plus or Minus to decrease size
    • Search for bib records with an item barcode- useful when doing deletes, and you need to see how many items are on a bib record
  • Liz will be reloading bib records into Polaris in batches to create authority links between bibliographic records and the authority file.
    • Liz showed why not all authority records will automatically update headings, but the linking does make some or most heading updates automatic.
  • It is time to start looking for a new chair for this group
    • Help come up with agenda items
    • Chair the meeting
    • Two-year term