User Group Meeting

Polaris Cataloging User Group - September 19, 2019

Sep 19 2019 | 10 - 11am

Agenda items for Cataloging Meeting 9/19/19 – POST MEETING UPDATES IN ITALICS

Update on current status:

  • Collections spreadsheet and bib field retention was submitted in preparation of the second data extract/reload – September 12th
  • Extract is in progress and is due to be delivered to Polaris team by end of day 9/19/19
  • Polaris environment will not be available to us starting Sept 24 until the second data load is completed in early October.

Future discussion topics from 8/22 meeting – let’s see if these are still issues or not now that we have been able to review the first load:

  • 035 $z – should that be moved to 019 – Kristen to supply more info.
    • There were 035$z fields created during the migration from PALS move to ALEPH. However any records created since then would have this information also found in the 019. So as far as the cataloging end of things, the 035$z are not needed. Lynn to follow-up and see if that field is used in any ALEPH indexes or other system functions.
  • 100 $e author – consistent treatment policies – Kristen -- TD10247333
    • The original concern for this item was for merging. Now that we have reviewed the criteria used for record merging, it is a non-issue for migration. It may need to be revisited when discussions start for Best Practices in Cataloging.
  • Format displays – example: two different libraries have same audiobook on CD – but because they are coded differently in the LDR, they show different formats in the public view. TD10454866.
    • This is an example of further in depth data cleanup that could be done. However, it may have to wait until we are live on Polaris to complete. We will learn more during the Cataloging Training Sessions next month.
  • For titles with both hardcover and paperback editions, should that be on one record or two? TD10425354
    • This should be a policy question to include both the ILL and Public Services groups as it could present issues when fulfilling an ILL request (weight of hardcover edition vs paperback), etc.
  • Material type on 655 and sometimes 650 fields of many records from OCLC. Should this be stripped out of Polaris records to avoid duplicate information? TD10422161
    • Kristen will compile examples and send to group however we may need to wait for training sessions to best address this issue.
  • Tag 776 – should it be removed? display for ebook vs print; 776 vs 520 TD1042460, 10455958, 10454275
    • Problem was discovered when looking at item display in public interface. If there is a 776 tag present, it displays before the 520 (which is more relevant information for the patron). However, during training sessions we should receive information on configuring this area and perhaps we can disable the display of the tag or move to a less prominent position. This may be a topic to include the Discovery group after training.

Other topics:

  • Cancelled September 26, 2019 meeting due to NDLA. ODIN Office will have a booth so stop and visit us!!
  • Lynn is unavailable the following week (October 3rd).
    • Group will still meet and Megan will facilitate. Send in items for discussion either the or with clear indication that it is a topic for the October 3rd Cataloging Group Meeting.
    • It was also noted that October meetings could be problematic with the training sessions added to the mix.

There was a lot of great discussion today – very valuable information and insights. Thank you for participating!