Polaris Cataloging User Group - November 26, 2019

Nov 26 2019 | 10 - 11am

November 26, 2019 – PKS Cataloging Meeting Notes

Status updates:

  • Data checking and dedup – update on latest runs.
  • Data cleanup – If anyone needs a new set of reports, submit request to Megan.
  • Overdrive and RBDigital – Will be digital branch for libraries using OD and RBDigital access will be similar. Configuration will not be able to be tested until go-live. Libraries should be sure to have examples they want to verify when we send out the notice for testing during go-live.
  • November 20th was deadline to report data issues and November 22nd was deadline for sign-off by ODIN Office.

New Items/To-Do:

  • Some items from training that need to be discussed related to Best Practices:
    • Standard record load templates / profiles –We may want default templates and profiles set up for shortly after go-live. Start looking at templates and profiles to determine which fields should be populated in the templates to streamline the cataloging workflows.
    • MARC 21 validation – Work to compile list for Ann of any changes. Lynn will check OCLC website for validation fields and try to track down what ALEPH is using as a starting point. Several ALEPH tables may be helpful. Check V22 Cataloging Manual – chapter 43 Cataloging Tables. List also attached with this agenda
      • check_doc table lists all the checking programs that are run when the user chooses the Check Record option from the Edit menu or clicks the "Check Record" icon.
      • Checks made when cataloger chooses Check Field function defined in check_doc_line table.
      • Tab_fix routines make changes to records. List also attached with this agenda.
    • Authority records – Anyone complete the NACO training/certification besides Kristen? Simply Reports might have options to help with authority checking.
    • Making changes to existing bib records – again, limited access will be assigned. After the permissions are set for individuals, we will have to fine tune who has access to what.
  • Cataloging User Group Chair elections in December – request at least 2 people to run.
  • Other issues?
    • 856 tags - will have to revisit after go-live and possibly do cleanup project this spring.
    • Delete immediately – BIB records – check with Ann for global setting or individual setting – if not automatic, what type of retention is needed

Cataloging Training Sessions available

  • Webinar | Cataloging Refresher Dec 4, 1:30pm - 3:30pm
  • Webinar | Cataloging Q&A Dec 13, 10am - noon
  • Presenter: Mike McClellan