Polaris Cataloging User Group - January 2023

Jan 26 2023 | 10 - 11am


What’s new in your library? Questions?

  • Grand Forks Public Library- Not much new going on in the cataloging department. Staff have had lots of bad severe colds where they last 9-10 days. Just cataloged a bunch of French books for the community language collection. The remodeling of the Children’s department is going really well, but it is very noisy.
  • Dickinson Public Library- new director, started Tuesday, Dani Kappel. Dickinson is also hiring for 3 full-time positions.
  • North Dakota State Library- buying 10 vending machines in place already, government offices. Cataloging a ton of new books for the new machines. They will add books to the machines in Feb/Mar.

Ongoing topics:

New items:

  • How book cover images work in Polaris
    • Books: the first ISBN listed in the 020 tag is transmitted to Syndetics and the cover image is returned and displayed in the PAC.
    • Audio/Video: the 024 tag is sent to Syndetics, if no match is made then Syndetics will try to match on the ISBN
    • If the cover image is a mismatch, check the codes in 020/024 to make sure they are correct. If they are, then email syndeticscorrections@proquest.com to report the bad cover image
  • Maintenance Review
    • Stuff ODIN does
      • Delete provisional records over 6 months old
      • Delete Import jobs reports over 6 months old
      • Annual purge of deleted records in May
      • Occasionally delete these MARC tags: 029, 236, 938, 948
      • Occasionally check for incorrect filing indicators in 245
    • Stuff Libraries do
      • Delete unused record sets
      • Resolve (save as final) or Delete provisional records
    • What should we do about orphan bibliographic records? It was suggested that we can determine which library they belong to by the cataloger that brought them in. Liz will run reports to see how many there are and report back.