User Group Meeting

Polaris Cataloging User Group - February 20, 2020

Feb 20 2020 | 10 - 11am

February 20, 2020 -- PKS Cataloging Group Meeting Notes:


  • Update on Data Issues & Standards:
    • Large print and regular print item merging. Remove 020 $z if you run across it. UPDATE: Megan/Jason -- procedure to isolate those records still being worked on
    • Subject heading display – group to decide on standard to include FAST and/or BISAC. Potentially leave in for now and can be suppressed in future if needed. List to be provided to Jason to test on TRN server displays after discussion. Kristen sent several examples to share and work from. Lynn and Jason to work to identify and suppress. UPDATE: tags be turned on/off or prioritize – but functionality is not conditional. Possible enhancement request if needed in future. Poll sent out to listserv as to what tags are being retained and which are being deleted (any 6xx tags). Due back 2/26/20 so it can be discussed at next meeting.
    • 730 tags – suppress from PAC – Lynn and Jason to work on -- Ideal solution: If 730 $i is present, suppress entire 730 tag. If 730 $i does not exist, display the 730. UPDATE: tag be turned on/off or prioritize – but functionality is not conditional.
    • Ann implemented the Digital Branch lock down on TRN. Stacey tested and it worked as expected. Report any problems if you run across them. Any reports available to identify physical records merged with digital record? ODIN will explore reporting options (digital branch items with barcodes that are not econtent). No update.
    • Discussion topic: tags to include in PAC full display Title fields. Suppress 222-243. Include 246 4 and 246 8 for Cover title and Spine title. The rest of the tags may remain in Other title. UPDATE: Change was made during last meeting. Any feedback?
    • Discussion topic: series brief display in PAC. Move 490 to definition 1, current option 1 to definition 2 and the 8xx option to definition 3. UPDATE: Change was made during last meeting. Any feedback?
    • Migration residue – bib control number 1 had many items attached that did not have a bib associated with it. There were 3 correct linked items. The other 184 were moved to BIB control number 1048105 for evaluation. All the records except a small handful had a DELETED status on ALEPH. Most of these records were for ND Supreme Court. UPDATE: Almost all records cleaned up.
  • New Items:
    • Cindy (DIP) doing research into what items are owned and comparing to skinny bibs and holdings in WorldCat. She is working on document explaining process and will send out when ready – shooting for end of week.
    • Kristen mentioned ODIN Classic is still available for searching. Need to check if holds can still be placed, etc.
    • Email sent out 2/15 regarding how to fix “Total number of labels created exceeds 500 limit” pop-up window. Any questions?
    • Discussion topic: When a book is part of a series, each cataloger has a choice between putting the series name in the 245 |a and the individual volume title in the 245 | p (not |b, note) or just putting the individual title in the 245 |a. – this can present issues for reporting (multiple records for same book) and holds.
      • Q1: Is this a problem for your library? – Yes, Public Services indicate there is a problem especially when it comes to HOLDS. Children’s books are the most frequent examples.
      • Q2: What is your current practice? NDSL generally goes by Title Page. NGF used consistent process also based on Title Page and made sure the same series matched. Series name is entered in prefix (local so not impacting other libraries). WFP has grouped items on shelves – unsure of exact cataloging process. Stacey’s libraries typically put title in 245 and series in 490. DIP tries to keep similar to Stacey’s libraries. Graphic novels create unique problems.
      • Q3: Should there be a standard for our libraries? Yes. Need feedback from Discovery – Kristen to provide Jason examples to send to that group for discussion and decision. Kristen to run reports to analyze which practice is more common among libraries.
    • Discussion topic: MARC fields to set in the templates to be stripped out of OCLC during import: 029, 263, 938. These are all vendor-specific fields that are not intended to be used by libraries or patrons. We have several options ….
      • #1 set up tags to delete in the default which would limit your flexibility but standardize across all libraries (assuming everyone can agree)
      • #2 have a recommended standard for the Import Profiles and let each library determine what is best for what they are doing. This would allow for different tags to be deleted in different profiles as needed
      • #3 In release 6.4 (currently available on TRN environment and soon to be installed on PROD), there is an option to delete all instances of a defined tag – not just the first or last during a Bib Record Bulk Change. This should be of great help in some of the remaining cleanup activities.
      • #4 set up profile in OCLC to strip out tags on import. *** Options: setup TRN server to not retain tags and do some testing. Bobbi and Lynn to test.
    • Discussion topic: Cataloging two different editions of same recording by the same narrator, just re-released three years later by a different distributor -- for shared catalog purposes, we'd probably want to make that one record. No patron is going to care whether it's the Hachette edition or the Time Warner edition when it's the same content and narrator. Discovery Group was fine with combining them. Discuss next meeting.
  • Future topics:
    • Authority records - New release of Polaris installed on TRN and authority processing needs to be tested before applying to PRD. On Monday the ODIN Office had a walk through with trainer. This was very helpful and Lynn will work on procedures to work through the database. No update.
  • Update from libraries – how are things going?
    • Please share any tips or hints you run across with either the listserv or at meetings.