User Group Meeting

Polaris Cataloging User Group - February 06, 2020

Feb 6 2020 | 10 - 11am

February 6, 2020 -- PKS Cataloging Group Meeting Notes:


  • Update on Data Issues & Standards:
    • Large print and regular print item merging. Remove 020 $z if you run across it. Info from Ann: “The bulk deletion of the 020 and the 035 is not allowed, it would be an enhancement request. Staff can do it individually but remember those are tags that are used for deduplication and searching.”
      • Revisit dedup rules - specifically author/title match points. – Stacey sent email Wednesday and Lynn sent current settings and options.
      • Explore possibility of work session at ODIN Work Day and/or “cheat sheet” for reference from Stacey.
        UPDATE: Megan/Jason -- procedure to isolate those records? Still investigating.
        TO DO: Lynn to check if rule #1 can be deleted or if it must stay --- delete if possible or at least move to bottom of list. Send in examples for those that you believe are not following the defined rules with screenshots so it can be further investigated.
    • NGF/CRM/NDSL strange bib with invalid 035 – – Resulted from copy cataloging from LOC. Linda sent out message for copy catalogers (“Linda’s Libraries” – Stacey later suggested “Non-OCLC Libraries”) to not pull anything from LOC until further notice. Option: Jason could disable the LOC z39.50 connection but we need to check with Linda to verify the Copy Cataloging processes.
      • Update: Linda sent message to not pull anything from LOC and the other source is World Cat. Documentation out on the ODIN website in the training area.
      • World Cat had not been listed in the dropdown but has been added and LOC is disabled. This should help resolve issue.
    • Any feedback from the PAC Boolean search using oclc=nnnnn? Update: It is being used and appears to be working well. Can also search by UPC number with same method. Options are listed in HELP documentation but we will try to get document out on the ODIN website.
    • Limit what branches we see determined by login – Stacey update on testing. UPDATE: Not possible – confirmed with Polaris. Use templates to help isolate to just your own library. Stacey walked through brief template setup.
    • DIP acq records – Stacey – ACQ staff looking into UPC (for DVD), publisher and date to the skinny bibs so matching/dedup should work better. Any update? Update: No recent issues. Can be removed from agenda but revisited if problems surface.
    • New documentation in the works for Polaris import settings – Stacey and Jessica – documentation started on CAT Express and Connexion client. Jessica and Stacey sent out draft on 1/30. Any feedback? Will post in the User Group section of ODIN website. Also post the search criteria.
    • REMINDER: ALEPH clients should have been uninstalled after Friday!!
    • Subject heading display – group to decide on standard to include FAST and/or BISAC. Potentially leave in for now and can be suppressed in future if needed. List to be provided to Jason to test on TRN server displays after discussion. Kristen has several examples to share and work from.
  • New Items:
    • ALEPH system numbers can be searched in the Polaris client by Object: Bibliographic Record and Search by: General notes. Make sure to include the zeroes at the beginning so you are entering a 9 digit number since that is how they are stored.
    • Records that have multiple repeating 856 42 fields – can all but the first set be deleted? – Jessica – Will bring more examples for next week to complete discussion.
    • 730 $i tags – suppress from PAC? – NGF – DVD “container of expression” listed languages. 546 contains the same language info geared toward patron. Ideal solution: If 730 $i is present, suppress entire 730 tag. If 730 $i does not exist, display the 730.
    • Agree to suppress FAST subject heading. NDSL Staff will explore with Jason as to how to identify these records.
    • Lynn has created list of topics for discussion that have surfaced via help tickets and will start sending them out to the listserv for discussion.
  • Future topics:
    • How to deal with duplicates? Who is responsible for searching for them? Who do we report them to? Who fixes them? Etc. *** this will be revisited in the future when we have used the system more – can be deleted from agenda --- ongoing discussions.
    • Authority records - New release of Polaris installed on TRN and authority processing needs to be tested before applying to PRD. Lynn will work on procedures to work through the database. ODIN level training session scheduled early next week.
  • Update from libraries – how are things going?
    • Please share any tips or hints you run across with either the listserv or at meetings.