User Group Meeting

Polaris Acquisitions/Serials User Group Meeting - April 2022

Apr 6 2022 | 11am - 12pm

Meeting Summary:


  • Polaris 7.1 installed in Training 3/16/22
  • Polaris 7.1 will be installed in Production 4/12/22
  • Library Updates
    • WFP is having issues with their manual PO's. Sometimes they need to change their PO Line Items when the items arrive, but they can't edit PO line items from Released PO's, so they end up canceling the PO Line Items and creating new ones to make edits.
    • Nicole has started the 2022 Patron Purge. The goal is to purge accounts that have expired 2 or more years ago from the Polaris database.

7.1 Release Notes

"What's New in Polaris 7.1" Webinar

New features added to Leap in version 7.1

  • Printing/Configuring Spine Labels
    • Completed web-based (no additional software needed)
    • PDF-based, will only add padding to margins in printer requires it
    • Serial label printing in planned for a future release
  • Modify Serial Holdings Records
    • Serials Check In-->Serial Holdings Record ID hyperlink-->SHR Workform
    • Publication Patterns are currently read-only
  • Modify Supplier Records
  • Add or Modify Fiscal Years
  • Add or Modift Funds
  • Purchase Orders
    • Bulk add to PO from Record Set (Add to new or existing)
    • Modify existing PO's/PO Line Items
    • Send via EDI
    • Modify Invoices/Invoice Line Items

Innovative Product Status Board (Public Roadmap)

Coming to Leap in Polaris 7.2

  • Manually create Serial Holdings Record
  • Modify Publication Patterns
  • Cancel & Credit actions for PO Line Items and Invoice Line Items
  • EDI Integration w/ Blackstone
  • Acquisitions API for Titlesource 360

Coming to Leap in Polaris 7.3

  • Manually create PO's & Invoices

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6th at 11am CT/10am MT