Polaris Acquisitions/Serials User Group Meeting - April 2021

Apr 7 2021 | 11am - 12pm


The Polaris Acquisitions/Serials User Group Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 11am CT

Meeting Summary:


  • 6.7 was installed on PROD 3/22/21
    • Nicole did demo on new LEAP functionality for Serials
      • Combine Serials Issues
      • Serials Check In Status Filter
  • 7.0 is coming this summer
    • Update will allow manual creation of serial records in LEAP for unexpected issues/supplements that don't follow publication patterns

IUG Conference Video - Revisiting your Acquisitions Workflow

Discussion on how libraries handle magazine check-in and yearly deletion of back issues

  • NGF started using item records rather than publication patterns for serials due to functionality gaps in LEAP
  • DIP routinely deletes via record sets in the Polaris client
  • Issues modifying records for supplements that don't follow publication patterns

NGF is celebrating their 121st anniversary and planning some events for it