User Group Meeting

Discovery/PAC User Group Meeting - 2019-11-13

Nov 13 2019 | 10 - 11am

As has been discussed in our call, here is the first round of PAC configurations we want to get in.

There are three tabs on the attached spreadsheet:

  1. Page Header Tab: Decisions related to the Header and Logo area
  2. Limit By Tab: The default search results behavior and how you want the limits setup
  3. Narrow your Search: the facets

I have also attached the agenda from today that contains the link to other Polaris systems for reference.

Please fill out for your library/branch to the best of your ability before Nov. 20 and return to me (Jason).

If I do not receive any changes, we will assume you are okay with what the group decides will be the consensus behavior for the System-wide default.