User Group Meeting

Discovery/PAC User Group Meeting - 2019-11-06

Nov 6 2019 | 2 - 3pm


With Polaris trainings, I am going to move this meeting to Wednesday afternoon for this week, but going forward, we will have them on Wednesday morning at 10am Central since it seemed like that was a good time for most people.

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to explore other Consortia/Polaris PAC’s and get some ideas as well as have done some testing/playing with our PAC.

We will continue discussing these issues:

  • “Limit By” search limiter options
  • Narrow your search / facet lists options and order
  • Brief and full record displays
  • Header/logo options
  • Default search behavior


Send any examples/agenda items you would like to discuss my way and I will add them for discussion.