Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - October 2021

Oct 27 2021 | 9 - 10am

Meeting Summary


  • Nothing new for Resource Sharing in November's Release Notes
  • Alma Digital Document Delivery
    • Make sure your 'Ful Digitalization Notification Item' letter is enabled
    • UND has been using Alma Document Delivery for RS Lending and reports it working "so-so"

Favorites Menu

  • Nicole did a brief demo on adding links to your Favorites menu and pinning it to make it accessible in Alma

Revisiting RS Configuration settings

  • Locate Profiles
    • Decides how Alma handles the Borrowing Locate Process within each institution
    • "Checks Availability" & "Checks Requestability", makes sure Alma will only locate items that are readily available and requestable for RS
    • "Ignore Electronic & Digital Resources" will ensure Alma skips your library for Electronic & Digital requests
      • If your library lends some electronic & digital resources, this setting can be disabled
  • Multiple Locate Setting
    • When Alma locates multiple formats of the same title (physical and electronic) it will give a 'Locate Failed' status and require manual intervention. This is the default setting.
    • This setting can be changed to have Alma automatically choose a format based on your preferred format priority.
  • Resource Sharing Library settings
    • (Library Level) Configuration --> Fulfillment --> Library Management --> Library Details
    • Borrowing Setup = Alma settings for your Borrowing Requests
    • Lending Setup = Alma settings for your Lending Requests


  • ODIN Tech Talk - ILL Bridge is scheduled for Monday, November 15th at 2pm CST 
    • Will be presented by Nicole Murphy
  • We need a volunteer to chair this user group for 2022-2023
    • The chair will work closely with Nicole to create agendas for the meetings and help facilitate discussion
    • Minimal time commitment
    • If you are interested or have a nomination for a candidate, please contact Nicole (

The next Resource Sharing user group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 24th at 9am CST via Blackboard Collaborate