User Group Meeting

Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - February 2022

Feb 16 2022 | 9 - 10am

This meeting was rescheduled from February 23rd to February 16th at 9am CST.

Meeting Summary:


  • Joan Miller is our new chair. Welcome Joan!
  • Premium Sandbox Refresh happened Sunday, February 13th
    • During the refresh, our UND and NBJ Production environments were overlaid in the sandboxes. If you were conducting any testing in either sandbox, you may need to redo those configuration settings.
  • Starting June 2022, Ex Libris will start releasing quarterly "feature" releases rather than the previous monthly releases
    • Note: There will still be monthly releases, but they will only be for bug fixes and system maintenance
  • February Release Notes
    • February Production release happened February 6th
    • Release Highlights
      • Enhancements to Alma Documentation
        1. How-to documentation
        2. Workflow diagrams
        3. Reorganization of the Resource Management, Fulfillment, and Acquisitions sections
        4. Over 55 new glossary terms
        5. Over 200 links to training videos embedded in the pages
        6. Overview video:
      • Fulfillment Library Independence
        • Enables more independence of multiple libraries under one Alma institution
          • Full Fulfillment Independence Model
          • Partial Fulfillment Independence Model
        • Webinar on Fulfillment Library Independence
      • Job Category has been added as an input parameter for Borrowing Fulfillment Unit Resource Sharing Rules
  • Reminder: Please double check Borrowing Requests for complete information. The automatic locate checks for an ISBN, LCCN, or OCLC number before it tries to match on Title (which is less accurate). Please make sure you are including an ISBN, LCCN, or OCLC number in your Borrowing Requests if possible. Otherwise, the automatic Locate process has difficulty matching on the correct record and the mismatch is not obvious to the Lender.
  • March Release Sneak Preview
    • Expanding Loan Due Date Beyond Patron Expiry
      • It will be possible for authorized operators to override the automatic shortening of a loan due date that is triggered by a near term user record expiry
    • Prevent Unintended Message Confirmations
      • It will be possible to remove the automatic focusing of loan time messages to the OK button. In this way, operator’s scan on the next item will not mistakenly close an error or warning message triggered by the previous loan action. Instead, an explicit confirmation will be required.
    • Worldshare and Tipasa Integration
      • It will be possible to set Alma to automatically push borrower requests into WorldShare or Tipasa, where further processing of the borrower request will continue as a broker managed request.
Export RS Borrower Request to Worldshare ILL and Tipasa

New ILL reports are available in the ODIN Consortia folder in Analytics

  • Shared Folders-->Community-->Reports-->Consortia-->ODIN-->Resource Sharing
  • Please make sure you delete the MNPALS ILL reports
  • New ILL reports can also be found on the 2022 IPEDS Dashboard

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27th at 9am CST