Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - August 2022

Aug 31 2022 | 9 - 10am

Meeting Summary:


  • 2 ODIN libraries (NBJ, NDV) are currently set up to export Borrowing Requests directly into OCLC Worldshare. 
  • The new Resource Sharing User Interface is now available to activate and use.
    • Ex Libris video overview of the new interface (3 min.)
    • Ex Libris webinar "New Resource Sharing Task Lists" from August 10th (58 min.)
    • Activate by clicking on the user icon in the upper right of your Alma homepage. Choose 'Feature Rollout Configuration' and click the 'New Resource Sharing Task Lists' toggle to turn it on.
    • Will be fully activated with the February 2023 release, so now is a good time to play around with it. Please report any issues or bugs to ODIN, so we can alert Ex Libris before the UI becomes permanent.

"Out of the box" Resource Sharing Library

  • The "out of the box" Resource Sharing Library in all Alma instances now has the option to be deleted. The process is a bit involved, so reach out to Nicole if you have issues.
  • An internal parameter was adjusted by Ex Libris to allow this option. It was not an option before. 

Rejected Lending Request response menu 

  • When rejecting a Lending Request, a menu of "Reject Reasons' is available
  • This is semi-customizable by Ex Libris. Essentially, options cannot be added from scratch, but the statements of existing options can be repurposed to say something more applicable to the library's needs. Furthermore, options that are not used by the library can be disabled, so the library doesn't have to scroll through options they never use.

Library Updates

  • WSC - Nothing new
  • BSC piloted an Escape Room with Gen Cyber Camp over the summer. It's pretty awesome. Had a good amount of Resource Sharing requests over the summer too. Exporting Borrowing requests to Worldshare is working smoothly as well. Once automation was in place to auto-populate the Lender String in Worldshare, with the help of OCLC, things have been working great. Will update when we get another request.
  • UND - As of 8am this morning, over 100 Borrowing Requests were submitted. Around 60 of which were from 1 faculty member.
  • TBI has seen an explosion in their Graduate School. They have more Graduate & Doctoral students that Undergraduates in classes this semester. Really nice, but causes much more work for the library because they tend to be the ones that borrow the most. Good problem to have.
  • Library traffic continues to increase across the board. Everything seems to be returning to pre-Covid numbers.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th at 9am CST.

  • At this meeting, we hope to introduce the new ODIN liaison for Alma Fulfillment and Resource Sharing as we are currently in the interview process for the position.