Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - April 2022

Apr 27 2022 | 9 - 10am

Meeting Summary:


  • Release Note Highlights
    • April Release Notes 
      • Released in Production on 04/03/2022
      • Push Borrowing Requests for Further processing in Worldshare ILL or Tipasa.
        • NBJ has agreed to be our pilot library for testing
        • UND & NMI are also interested in getting this functionality in place
    • May Release Notes
      • Will be released in Production on 05/01/2022
      • Last monthly feature release. Feature releases will become quarterly.
      • June & July releases will be maintenance. Next feature release will be August.
      • Resource Sharing Statistics Dashboard
        • Part of the Ex Libris released Dashboards available under Analytics
        • Nothing about it in the Release Notes, but it is currently visible in the Sandbox

Alma Resource Sharing User Group Teams Channel

  • It was decided that a separate Teams channel for the Alma Resource Sharing User Group will be created

Reminder: After Borrowing Requests are 'Received' by the Library in the Borrowing Requests list, they still need to be checked out to the patron's account when they pick up the item. This removes it from the Active Hold Shelf and loans it out to the patron which ensures they receive necessary notices about the item.

Resource Sharing Directory

Nicole discussed the difference between the Resource Sharing Directory and the Alma Rotas.


  • What are you using for inventory?
  • What are our plans for inventory?

ELUNA Virtual Conference 2022

Minitex Connect Conference

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th at 9am CST