Alma Fulfillment User Group Meeting - January 2022

Jan 7 2022 | 9:30 - 10:30am

Meeting Summary:


  • Happy New Year! The 2022 Fulfillment User Group meetings will meet every other month.
  • Karlene Clark has agreed to continue serving as Chair. Thank you, Karlene!
  • Don't forget to update your Alma calendars for 2022. This ensures your due dates, loan periods, and closed days are correct.
  • The next Sandbox refresh is coming up in February. The refresh will overwrite any current Sandbox configuration with the most current Production configuration. If you are conducting any testing, take note of the changes you've made, so you can replicate those changes after the refresh.
  • Library Updates
    • UND looked into Tipasa and RapidILL. Both seem very promising, but are expensive. They will not be moving forward with them.

Sharing Letter Customizations in Alma

  • Customized XSL templates can now be contributed to the Community Zone and copied to your Institution Zone.
  • Nicole did a brief demo on how to copy a shared template to your own environment.
  • Demo Video from Ex Libris

Meeting time and date for Fulfillment User Group meetings will change to the last Wednesday of the month at 9am to coincide with the Resource Sharing meetings. Fulfillment and Resource Sharing topics will then alternate every month. Watch for a cancelation of this current meeting and an invitation to be sent out with the new time/date.

Additional Discussion Topics

  • NDSCS was adding titles to Alma, but they were not showing up in Primo VE. She went to Ex Libris who gave her a complicated workaround which she didn't try, but the titles showed up in Primo VE after a couple days.
  • Lynn from ODIN said it takes around 72 hours for newly added titles to show up in Primo VE.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30th at 9am CST.