Alma Cataloging User Group - October 21, 2019

Oct 21 2019 | 2 - 3pm

October 21, 2019 – Academic Cataloging Group

Attending: Lynn Wolf (ODIN), Jenny Grasto (NDSU), Phyllis Kuno (TBI), Drew Lewis (UND), Hattie Albertson (BSF), Aubrey Madler (NMY), Julia Cater (NMI), Ben Ferguson (NDV), Megan Lysford (ODIN), Shelby Harken (UND), Jasmine (NDJ), Laurie McHenry (UNE), Jason Bedsaul (ODIN), Liz Mason (NBJ), Amy (NDW), Shari Erdman (LRJ), Staci Green (NDI)

Interim Chair for Cataloging Group – I have asked Jenny Grasto from NDSU to act as Interim Chair for this group until elections in December. ODIN Office will still be responsible for scheduling the meetings, gathering agenda items, and making sure meeting notes are recorded but the Interim Chair will run the meetings.

Local fields – recap discussion from 10/7 -- how are the lists coming? Information from the migration document below … DUE: NOV 4th

Local Extensions (MARC)
Consortia members who share bibliographic records may still want to maintain some local information in their IZ record. This can be accomplished through the use of local tags. Tags in the MARC 09x, 59x, 69x, 77x/78x, and 950-999 ranges that are marked with subfield 9 LOCAL are saved in the IZ as local extensions to the master bibliographic record. Tags that are not in these ranges, as well as tags in these ranges that are not marked with subfield 9 LOCAL are not saved in the IZ. Sites can identify any tags in 09x, 59x, 69x, 77x/78x, and 950-999 ranges that they want to keep locally, make sure they are in the specified ranges, and then mark them with a subfield 9 with only the word LOCAL (no spaces, punctuation, or any other characters) when providing the institutional IZ level records.
If the above specified fields do NOT include a subfield 9 LOCAL ($9 LOCAL) in the field, then the fields are subject to the NZ first-in routine. If the record is the first to be contributed to the NZ, then the tags will be saved to the NZ part of the master NZ record. If the record is not the first record contributed to the NZ, then no tags in this record are saved locally and the master (first-in) record is what is used in the NZ for this consortium.
For local fields in NZ or IZ: if local fields are used, Ex Libris recommends that the NZ use fields 900-949 and the IZ uses 950-999. This way the local NZ fields (900-949) are those that are local to the entire consortium where every institutional member uses them, and the local IZ fields (950-999) are those that are local only to the single institution. This is recommended because it is important to be able to retrieve groups of records based on data in specific local fields, and having the same local field used for two different data elements may cause problems in retrieval. During migration, if a 900-949 tag has $9 LOCAL subfield, it is removed and the tag is kept in the NZ.

*** Meeting discussion: Group will review Orbis-Cascade document for format and use similar tags for mapping to be consistent. Jenny will create Google Docs document for mapping to consistent fields within the 950-999 range so group can come to consensus for shared fields. Lynn to run reports for the 900-949 and 950-999 fields for libraries to review. Shelby to put in question on basecamp regarding 77x/78x. Keep working on identifying LOCAL fields. *** REMINDER: NO need to add $LOCAL to our existing ALEPH records as this will be done during the extraction process by the FIX routine.

Validation of Migration Forms – update on status. Any questions or problems? DUE: OCT 31st
Received email from one of the libraries:

  • They were having trouble with item material type and noticed another library was having same issue.
  • “What procedure are we supposed to follow? Post on Basecamp, email to an Ex Libris person? Who?”
  • “As far as I can tell these are valid values. Choices are Y or N or a dropdown choice which I used. I used the same format in D24 as 25 and 26 but 25 and 26 are wrong but 24 is okay?
    Questionnaire Cell <D20> has an invalid value
    Questionnaire Cell <D23> has an invalid value
    Questionnaire Cell <D25> has a value in the wrong format
    Questionnaire Cell <D26> has a value in the wrong format
    Questionnaire Cell <D28> has an invalid value
    Questionnaire Cell <D40> has an invalid value
    Questionnaire Cell <D57> has an invalid value
    Questionnaire Cell <D58> has an invalid value

    Item Material Type <e26> has an invalid value
    Item Material Type <e39> has an invalid value
    Item Material Type <e48> has an invalid value”

    Megan had distributed the forms -- this is her response:
Migration forms information

Load Order – confirm NZ population order. Julia proposed moving UNE before NMI due to their specialized records. Further discussion needed before finalizing … DUE: NOV 15th

NZ Load order


Focus Groups – start to form – volunteers?
Authorities - Shelby
Best Practices
Electronic Resources
Any others to add?

Available recordings of Cataloging Meetings can be found on the ODIN website. Go to the Alma tab and each session can be found under Quick Links. Thank you, Jason!