Alma Cataloging User Group - November 4, 2019

Nov 4 2019 | 2 - 3pm

November 4, 2019 – Academic Cataloging Group Notes

Attending: Jenny (NDSU), Amy (NDSCS), Aubrey (Mayville), Ben (Valley City), Drew (UND), Erika (UNF), Jasmine (NDJ), Jason (ODIN), Julia (NMI), Laurie (UNE), Liz (NBJ), Megan (ODIN), Phyllis (TBI), Shari (UNW), Shelby (UND), Staci (NDI), Lynn (ODIN)

Local fields mapping – … DUE: NOV 15th (revised from Nov 4th)
>>>>>>> Leah will join us for discussion the first half of meeting. Items for discussion:
We need to discuss shared Aleph fix_routine vs. live updates.
ODIN-Alma local field mapping form –
Google docs link:

What are red vs black ?

  • Jenny cleaned up the ODIN-Alma Local Field Mapping form a bit. What was formerly in red text was taken directly from the Orbis-Cascade Alliance documentation. It’s all black now.

9xx section – will be mapping 001, 700, 710, 730, 740

  • Leah can copy these values from these tags to the 9xx tags as part of the fix routine
  • Leah can build fix routine as soon as spreadsheet is finalized

UPDATE: Donna joined us on the call to answer questions on the form as Leah was unavailable. Overall, the spreadsheet information was accurate. We are not looking at copying any tags in the fix routine. The tag in column A will be retained with $LOCAL

Update on the 77X/78X fields: they are “local” for linking in Primo. So if you are viewing a serial title and you have a 785 with the next title, it can be a clickable field to take the user to that next title. Still unclear about how it links because we have OCLC numbers in $w. UND note: 773 – just prior to cutover I will delete the ones I have identified as local by having added a 955 to the records. That will leave other valid uses of 773 in place.

*** valuable discussion on the Local Field Mapping in first part of recording – you may want to review that recording. Leah will not need to do any copying of tags for us at this time.

Every tag in column A will be retained with a $LOCAL, if not listed in column A, it is not being retained as a LOCAL field. Column C is not a request to copy – just provides a description of the field. These should be common definitions to work better with Analytics.


  • NDW wanted 949 moved to different field – ticket has been submitted. Which tag (above 950) should be used? 962-971 are available
  • Libraries voicing agreement to Local Field Mapping spreadsheet: UND, NMI, UNF, NMY, UNE, NDV (CHECKING), UNW, NBJ, NDJ, TBI **** need BSF, LRJ to review
  • UNE brought up 049 but used for some suppressed records so will take care of themselves. TBI also voiced concerns about 049 but discussion indicates this will likely be more of an ALMA profile question that the need to retain the field during migration.
  • NDSU to move 900-949 contents to other tags if they wish to retain and said the configuration will work with them.

Examples should be collected for each of these mapping points so they can be tested after the first load. The more examples, the better the testing. Two sets of testing should be done --- one for how the records migrated to NZ (the first week) and the other for how they behave when modifying.

Note: You do not need to make any changes to your records in ALEPH as long as you do not have anything you wish to retain in the 900-949 (since that range is reserved for the NZ info) and if you agree with the ALMA Local Field Mapping spreadsheet, you should be fine. If you are moving fields such as 700 or 049, you would need to copy those the week before the test extract. (approximately 38 minute mark of recording).

Validation of Migration Forms – DUE: OCT 31st --- everyone met the deadline and all the files were uploaded to ExLibris 11/1/19. Great job everyone!

Load Order for NZ population -- DUE: NOV 15th -- completed and submitted Oct 29th.

New items:
Impact of having multiple bibs with the same OCLC number in one institution --- LYNN TO SEND LISTS

  • Bib cleanup: only one bib per OCLC number (per site including NDSU) – NZ will dedup automatically on the 035.
  • NDSU to also run reports to uncover duplicate OCLC numbers.

Impact of physical and electronic holdings on the same OCLC number/bib --- UND and UNE have State and Federal documents that have both -- QUESTION IMPLEMENTATION TEAM – Jenny mentioned NDSU’s situation – kept as print (no portfolio created) during migration but had the clickable link in Primo – Jenny will send examples to the group from NDSU.

Bib extract (deduplicated by OCLC numbers) (NDSU)
Other important data cleanup (per site)