Alma Cataloging User Group - December 2020

Dec 14 2020 | 2 - 3pm

December 14, 2020 – Academic Cataloging Group Notes

ATTENDING: Amy (NDSCS), Aubrey (NMY), Ben (NDV), Drew (UND), Ginny (ODIN), Jasmine, Jason (ODIN), Jenny (NDSU), Julia (NMI), Kelly (NMY), Laurie (UNE), Linda (ODIN), Liz (ODIN), Nicole (ODIN), Phyllis (TBI), Phyllis B, Shelby (UND), Staci (NDI), Shari (UNW), Tina (NDSU), Lynn (ODIN)

Data Cleanup/Data Review:

  • Authorities – Preferred Terms Correction (info sent to listserv 9/17 pm).
    • Authorities – preferred term turned on for UND (Shelby) and NDSU (Tina) to review – UPDATE: Shelby found that it would only work with locally held record in the IZ so it does not get overlaid. If corrected at OCLC, it seems to come across in about 3 weeks to update properly.
    • ALMA Authority matching – if a name is correct in the record but not validated in OCLC, when the record gets loaded into ALMA the entry gets updated. Question how to unlink records when undifferentiated records are matched (record has 667 tag indicating the authority record should not be used until record has been handled with RDA guidelines). Tina mentioned authority control functionality should be turned on in the NZ eventually since headings will get increasingly out of date. Undifferentiated headings will remain a problem with potentially linking records that should not be linked. At some point we are going to need to turn this function on.
    • Authorities Task List – UPDATE: Shelby discovered if you go through it and select terms that are non-preferred and remove from your record, that works great if it is only your record. Seems to work well with locally held file of records in the IZ that is not shared. Records in the NZ would be overlaid with import profile cycle. Authority records should be fixed in OCLC and then the change should come through in about 3 weeks to the NZ.
    • To manually control a heading in Alma, press F3. A list of headings come up, click view to see the authority record and make sure the heading is right, and click the select button and the heading is added to your record.
  • NZ related issues
    • Shelby had issue with batch changes to record sets – she would bring them in, change in MARCEdit and then reload. UPDATE: Shelby has not had time to work too much with this. Tina was able to export NZ records, edit with MARCEdit, re-import into NZ. She discovered link would become severed but would only have to resave each record in NZ and then it would be fine. Shelby had tried matching on MMSID but there were problems. Tina had better success with matching on OCLC number.
    • Shelby has access to NZ on SB – UPDATE: Working with Ginny for permissions needed.
  • Bound with/associated bibs 773 tags for NDSU did not migrate as local to new ALMA instance. ALEPH group they did. UPDATE: SF case #00900505 created 11/18/20 for ExL to investigate. Tina will need to work with Ex Libris to make them local, or use a norm rule to make them all local. Shelby’s did come in as local, but had issues with some 773 tags not coming across with indicator 18 and the MMSID added. Some are correct and some are not. This issue has not yet been reported via ticket. Shelby will do more investigation to narrow down the issue and report if needed.
  • 760 standing orders in sets not a protected field by default so could be overlaid unless you use $9LOCAL to make it local. Drew (UND) has future cataloging related to this and will check how things work there. UPDATE: Drew has done a little testing but as far as he can tell, you have to make the field local or you'll lose it from an overlay.
  • Updating 035 OCLC numbers when OCLC changes – UPDATE: Liz and Jason evaluated the import profile and recommend switching the logic back to MERGE. It will get switched and then monitored for improvements.
    • Shelby can edit when only her library has item - it was a NZ record and appeared to allow the update.
    • Appears import profile is matching on the “old” OCLC number but not updating it. Has anyone encountered this since last meeting?
    • Best Practice – Should each library do own cleanup or someone appointed/allowed? Should have recommendation after further testing.
  • MDE slow in New UI – Reported to ExL in SF#00895869 – UPDATE: Developers have assigned a target fix date of Q1 2021 (this is tentative date). Should get update when specific release date is announced.
  • What topics would you like to see covered in documentation, training seminars or next ODIN Work Day? Please submit to or UPDATE: Ginny is working on Work Day(s) agenda. Tentatively sessions should start in January. Sessions are expected to be 30-60 minutes in length and presented a few in a week. Watch for more details as they are finalized but please send in requests for sessions you would like to see AND volunteer to present sessions you can share!

New Topics:

  • Welcome Liz – ODIN Office main contact for ACAD Cataloging User Group
  • Email to list 12/9 from Staci (DSU) DSU is starting to catalog AVON and I am using the NZ records that NDSU and UND are using. I am looking for best practices or something like that for doing this efficiently for ND. So far, I have found a few square-like symbols that occasionally show up in the 520 field and have deleted them. Other than that I’m leaving the records as I find them and adding the DSU portfolio. --- UPDATE: Staci, Shelby and Jason met and determined part of problem it seems to be ezproxy issue. Staci was trying to catalog from records in NZ but was much easier to activate titles. Jason still investigating ezproxy configuration with vendors.
  • Email to list 12/4 from Shelby (UND) cleaning up Netlibrary records. UPDATE: Shelby worked with NDSCS and said the file of records might not have been the correct file that was sent so this may have caused the issue.
  • Email to list 11/17 from Laurie (UNE) requesting confirmation of “group decision” regarding deleting bibliographic records when only library with a holding. Aubrey (NMY) responded “Last I remember, we said that it is appropriate to delete everything in this scenario. I choose the last option here when deleting (delete bib record unless other holdings are present)” - any further discussion needed? UPDATE: No further questions.
  • Best of luck to Aubrey whose last day is Friday, December 14th.
  • Election of new Cataloging User Group chair will be NEXT December – each term is 2 years.

Have a wonderful holiday season and we will see you all back after the first of the year!