Alma Cataloging User Group - August 03, 2020

Aug 3 2020 | 2 - 3pm

August 3, 2020 – Academic Cataloging Group Notes

ATTENDING: Amy (NDSCS), Aubrey (NMY), Ben (NDV), Drew (UND), Ginny (ODIN), Jasmine (NDJ), Jason (ODIN), Jenny (NDSU), Julia (NMI), Kelly (NMY), Laurie (UNE), Linda (ODIN), Liz (NBJ), Megan (ODIN), Phyllis (TBI), Phyllis Bratton, Shelby (UND), Staci (NDI), Tina (NDSU), Lynn (ODIN)

Data Cleanup/Data Review:

  • NMI - Primo one item said ONLINE when they had online, print and microform, UND - browsing call numbers, UND - cutters used in 099 tags, NMI -- cutters with 092 for children’s collections, virtual browse uses 050 instead of 090 (based on bib record rather than holding) – problem listed in Basecamp. Any changes after migration?
  • Children’s fiction call numbers are often not in order (TD12709890/SF00821559). UPDATE: Case sent to development for “re-sorting after second try” and request to Shelby to send call number that do not resort after pressing Go again.
  • Deletes/updates processing – UPDATE: Configuration fixed. Further testing needed.

New Topics:

  • OCLC ODINA daily extracts – when to resume? July 10th was tech freeze. ODINA run should go from July 11th-current. Go into OCLC and look for record that best matches your physical item, find the record and update (F8), look at it in ALMA the next day and can make local edits at that time and add holdings and items. Shelby demo’ed searching NZ and IZ for searching OCLC number. Update holdings in OCLC so if that bib record had been updated since last brought into NZ, a fresh most up-to-date version would be brought in. Any original cataloging should be done in OCLC so it is updated there and brought into ALMA through the normal processes. NDSU is getting World Cat, JSTOR, Open Access, Open Textbooks. NDV also gets records. Jason OK’ed to turn on extracts.
  • Have import profiles been tested for FOD at all? NBJ did test awhile ago.
  • Orphan bibs in NZ would need cleanup later.
  • New electronic resources are being loaded to IZ. NBJ is getting file from FOD, adding OCLC holding so then they are added to NZ.
  • Norm rules to take out fields that are not needed/wanted for tags in ODINA. Shelby sending out for review. To discuss next week.
  • Ex Libris meeting 8/4 – post-migration cleanup – post questions to discussion area of agenda in Basecamp.
  • Other comments from chat during meeting:
    • Tina Gross (NDSU) Sorry to add another wrinkle, but sometimes the records that vendors send are OCLC records. Or at least have OCLC numbers. I think this is going to require a broader conversation. If records coming from a vendor are OCLC records, why shouldn't they be in the Network Zone? There's no reason for a shared bib environment to work differently for e-resources, unless the records are proprietary. If your institution doesn't have a portfolio attached, how would they see it? (Unless searching Primo with “all ODIN" set). One shared bib, with individual institutions' portfolios attached. That's how PALS does it.
    • Phyllis Bratton - Five or six of us are sharing our OverDrive collections, so they would be available to a subset of the group, but not the whole group. I don't know how this would be handled.
    • Tina Gross (NDSU) There are lots of implications to talk through, like authority control. Authority control updates (flipping headings and such) for records in the NZ has to be done on a consortial level, because those records don't belong to an individual institution. For records in the IZ, each institution is on its own.