ACAD Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - January 2021

Jan 27 2021 | 9 - 10am


The ACAD Resource Sharing User Group Meetings are the last Wednesday of every month at 9am CT

Meeting Summary:

Nicole Murphy will be the new ODIN liaison for the Alma Resource Sharing group

Clean-up work on Sandbox – partner records (aside from NBJ and UND) have been removed for an easier testing experience.

  • Everyone is encouraged to test.

Clean-up work is occurring on Production to remove invalid partner records (old Aleph records and prior MN Alma records).

Work has begun to configure borrowing with MII and the University of MN.

Outstanding Ex Libris tickets

LRJ borrowing/NDV lending issue

  • Overdue borrowing triggering recalls in NBJ
  • Locally owned message not being received in Production
    • Some libraries are seeing the Locally Owned message, and some aren't. We will continue to bug Ex Libris about it.

ODIN/Nicole will be reaching out to libraries individually to learn about your setups and talk about local RS concerns.

Sandi Bates is no longer the RS chair. Any volunteers?

It was decided that Resource Sharing user group meetings will be scheduled monthly on the last Wednesday at 9am CT