ACAD Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - February 2021

Feb 24 2021 | 9 - 10am


The ACAD Resource Sharing User Group Meetings are the last Wednesday of every month at 9am CT

Meeting Summary:

Any volunteers to chair the group for the rest of the year? Another option would be to have a rotating chair in which a representative or representatives from each library would chair one meeting

  • No volunteers came forward

Minitex Resource Sharing update: We will be exchanging configuration information with Minitex soon and plan to do some testing in the UND sandbox

Expired Requests

  • Alma is currently set up for Resource Sharing requests to expire after 3 business days. Does this still work? If you could change it, what would you change it to?
    • Libraries agreed to update it to 4 days
  • When a request expires, the link between the 2 partners is severed and the request moves on to the next partner in the rota.
    • If there are no other partners in the rota, the request will sit
  • Best practice for expired Borrowing Requests: Contact the Lender to see if they are still able to fulfill the request. If so, Reactivate the request or Resubmit if Reactivate isn't an option. Treat it like a brand new request and do the locate process again. *Note* If you know who you want to send the request to, you may manually add that partner to the rota, so the new request goes to them.
  • Best practice for expired Lending Requests: Contact Borrower to ask if they still need the resource.
    • If not, Reject the request and it will disappear
  • A ticket has been submitted to Ex Libris for recommended workflows


  • We are still working to improve locates
  • We recently learned from Ex Libris that Fulfillment Unit rules with input parameters based only on User Groups will not locate for Resource Sharing because User Groups can vary across institutions.
  • Upon investigation, most of our library’s FU rules use only User Group as input parameter. I am hoping to add a ‘catch-all’ rule to the Fulfillment Unit rules, which should improve Resource Sharing locates. This means I would go into each of your Alma instances and add this rule to your Fulfillment Unit Rules.
    • There were no objections to this solution

Discussed the February Release Notes

We are planning an ODIN workday sessions on Resource Sharing sometime soon. What would you like to see regarding tips & tricks?