ACAD Fulfillment User Group Meeting - March 2021

Mar 5 2021 | 9 - 10am


The ACAD Fulfillment User Group Meetings are the first Friday of every month at 9am CT

Meeting Summary:

Check out March Release Notes for updates to Fulfillment functionality

Contact Nicole if you are experiencing any issues with Courtesy notices

Jason discussed cleanup of Alma user groups and ILL 'patron' deletion

Nicole did demo on Calendars

  • Please make sure your Library Calendars are up to date for 2021
  • Located under Config --> Fulfillment --> Library Management --> Opening Hours (must have General or Fulfillment Administrator role to access)

Nicole did Fulfillment Statistics demo

  • Analytics --> Design Analytics
  • My dashboard
    • Find canned reports = Catalog
    • Design from scratch = Create

Poll: Should the Alma Fulfillment & Resource Sharing User Groups meetings be combined into 1 group?

  • Result: Voted to keep Fulfillment & Resource Sharing groups separate