OAC Meeting 2022-02-24

Feb 24 2022 | 1 - 3pm

OAC Meeting Keywords

Director of ODIN Report
State Librarian Report
ODIN Goverance Discussion
     1. Is the OAC misnamed for how we function?
     2, Do some of you feel there is no need to attend this meeting as its advisory and too large?
     3. Functionally, do you think the OAC is serving as the governance board and not as an advisory board?
     4. If so, should there be a name change?  If not, move to #5
     5. The committee feels that large scale decisions such as final budget, fee restructure, new ILS, new membership agreements, etc. should go to the OAC but            that the governing of the consortium should be done by the OSC.  Do you agree and why or why not?
     6. If OAC isn’t ready to make that shift or doesn’t agree that’s the direction to go in, what is the purpose of the OSC.  Should the ODIN Steering Committee
         be disbanded?
     7. Members need to be reminded that they are the ones making recommendations on initiatives, priorities, policies/procedures and provides input on various           matters member libraries are interested in such as cost formulas to ensure financial obligations are met.  NDUS is the authority and employs staff to 
         manage and carry out member priorities that accommodate NDUS policy.
OSC Discussion
Cost Formula Update - Academic
Open OSC Position
ECOR Committee Discussion

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