Welcome Back!

Aug 9 - 27 2021

We hope you enjoyed your summer! Whether your library was closed or remained open, we have some important information for you as Fall approaches!

Polaris Users:

  • Were your Holds/ILLs or Reports suspended over the summer? Let us know when you need them turned back on!

Alma Users:

  • If your Resource Sharing was suspended over the summer, remember to remove your ‘Temporary Inactive for Borrowing/Lending’ dates once your end date has passed.

The ODIN Website has a new look!

  1. Please go to your Library Details page to verify your library’s current contact information, staff directory, and ILL information. Don’t forget to check all 3 tabs!
  2. Does your library still have Database access? Please ensure all links are working properly for your staff and patrons. Find some tips under the Attached Files section of this page!
  3. The ODIN homepage now has a calendar where you can find all upcoming events, meetings, and trainings. Check back often!
  4. Need a refresher on LEAP, the Polaris Client, or Alma? There are Featured Trainings available under all areas of interest.

The ODIN Office is here to help!

Please submit a Help Desk Ticket whenever you need us! Use it to inform us of updates, report issues, or to ask general questions. Just look for the orange box at the top of any page!