ODIN - 30 Years - Bismarck celebration July 19, 2019

Jul 19 2019 | 2 - 4pm

On July 16, 2019 from 2-4pm, ODIN celebrated their 30-year milestone at the Bismarck State College Library.  Thank you, Marlene and staff, for being such fantastic hosts.  Thanks to all who participated!

Cake  Balloons  Social Time


The North Dakota State Library was given a Certificate of Appreciation – (pictured below) – Linda Allbee, ODIN Assistant Director presenting certificate to Mary Soucie, ND State Librarian.

NDSL Certificate   Mary Soucie and Linda Allbee 

Ginny Millette & Cheryl Hoffmann unveiled the ODIN historical display in Grand Forks and created a near identical one in Bismarck – see below.  Ginny also put together a traveling “Flat Odie”.  There are lots of stories on our website about his visits to our member libraries and he’s not done visiting yet.  Check out:  The Travel Adventures of Flat Odie  And not to be a spoiler but hey…… Flat Odie got married at New England, ND when 4th graders decided he needed a mate (Polaris) – There were even wedding guests.  Now, that’s imagination!  

ODIN Display   ODIN Map

More pictures from our celebration in Bismarck:
Refreshment Setup

Refreshments   Refreshments

Jerry Rostad during program

Social time   More Social time

Linda Allbee, the Assistant Director of ODIN spoke a few words at the celebration ------
Linda Allbee   Linda Allbee

Although I’m a transplant to ODIN, I feel that during my days in my past life in South Dakota, we were living in parallel universes. We all came up on Pals in the late 80s, we all moved to Aleph around 2004, and most importantly, in 2007 I made the wise decision to point my compass due north, and become a part of the ODIN clan. I know I’ve regaled several of you with the story in the past, but when I made the decision to move to North Dakota, I thought hmm…I know the climate will be nothing like the Black Hills, but hey, I grew up in Aberdeen – how much worse could the winters be? I quickly learned… 

From the beginning, ODIN was envisioned as a collaborative effort.  From the early innovators to those who continue to work in and advocate for ODIN libraries – everyone has played a significant part in making ODIN what it has become. 

1st PEOPLE are the most important commodity of technology
2ndTECHNOLOGY is an every-changing environment.

It’s rumored that the ODIN barcode song might be acted out during NDLA – stay tuned!!  

(sung to tune of Rawhide) …..
ODIN, loadin’, codin’
a sense of great forbodin’
books with short lines wrote in … Rawhide?
Don’t try to understand ‘em
just peel, adhere, and band ‘em,
Don’t do no calculatin’,
or soon you will be hatin’,
hatin’ little lines that drive you wild.


Peel ‘em off, stick ‘em on, close ‘em up,
shove ‘em in,
rip ‘em off, put ‘em back, wrong ones!
Tear your hair, don’t you sweath (others there),
life’s no fair, I declare … Rawhide?

Loadin’, ODIN, codin’
A sense of great forbodin’
Books with short lines wrote in … Rawhide?
Title, lines, and number,
those codes they will encumber,
all your waking hours from eight to five.
ODIN’s codes go straight in,
no matter what beratin’,
is coming from the people far and wide.
We all discover problems,
inconsistencies and sore thumbs,
and eyeballs that float from side to side.


Find a book, check its spine, numbers match, code is fine,
Put it on, slap it down … Rawhide?
Volume Four! I was sure! Take no more,
On the floor, my head is sore … like … Rawhide?

ODIN Barcode Logo

NOTE:  A few words were read from ODIN Director Ellen Kotrba who could not be attendance:

I apologize that I am not with you all today.  I am enduring some unexpected medical issues.  I want to express my sincerest thanks for your continued trust in ODIN.  Celebrating 30 years is quite a milestone and supporting all member libraries is my #1 priority.  As ODIN transitions to two new systems, let us remember that our collaborative work is never done, it’s just that we’ll be doing things differently.  Enjoy the celebration and please know that I wish I were there.