2023 Primo Enhancement Round 1

Primo WG/s Enhancements Team (IGeLU and ELUNA) announced voting has opened for the 2023 Primo enhancements Round 1.

See attached spreadsheet for descriptions of the enhancements.

Votable requests

There are a total of 119 Votable requests – see attached spreadsheet with these fields exported from NERS: ID, Title, Description, Use Cases, and Justification

  • Attachments: An additional column has been added with a Yes annotation for the requests in NERS where the submitter included an attachment
  • Model: As in previous cycles, there is a column added for Primo deployment model to help with filtering: VE, BO, VE/BO (BO shorthand for Back Office). Parity development is standard expectation for Primo enhancements process covering Primo as a product, but we add VE/BO from prior community feedback

The Enhancement Teams started out with 140 submissions and worked to merge duplicates, remove any already in-product or defects, as well as clarity and parity rewrites. Three requests were transferred to Alma and one request came from Alma to Primo. 

How long do you have to submit feedback to ODIN Office?

  • Voting is open for three weeks - March 12th through April 2nd

Please submit feedback either directly to Nicole (nicole.m.murphy@ndus.edu) or via ODIN Help Ticket by March 30st, 2023 indicating which enhancements would be most helpful in the Primo interface. If you have multiple recommendations, please rank them by importance.

When voting, the ODIN office takes into account the needs/interests of the consortia, as well as the current ranking of the enhancement (i.e. with our support is it likely to garner enough votes to be pushed through the next round). We typically cast our votes in blocks to allocate enough support to any selected enhancement to ensure its success in the voting process.