2023 Alma Enhancement - Second Round Voting - June 12-25

Jun 22 2023


The final Alma Enhancement list for 2023 has been released! The enhancements below will move forward to Ex Libris Development:

After discussion amongst the Alma Product Working Group and Ex Libris, 145 complexity points (rather than 140) were allowed to make room for ‘bonus’ enhancement 8338.


June 12 - 25 -- Second round of voting on pointed enhancements (2 weeks)

Attachments include Final Vote Spreadsheet, documents with more information on requests 6666, 8212 and 8335, and 2023 Enhancements not moving to final vote as referenced below.

For more details go to 2023 Alma and Primo Enhancement Requests 


Information sent from the Alma Enhancements Coordinator:
The round 2 (and final) 2023 Alma enhancement vote opens on Sunday June 11 at 12:01 am UTC. There has been an active back and forth between enhancement submitters, the Alma PWG and Ex Libris which has resulted in 21 enhancements going forward on this ballot.  An additionalfour were removed from the ballot for various reasons. See the attached spreadsheet “2023 Enhancements not moving to final vote” for explanations of why they were removed and what is planned for these requests moving forward.   

We have only 140 points to use this year because Ex Libris allowed us to go 60 points over our limit last year. Of our 21 enhancement requests, we have one which has been given 140 points and then they range down to 10 points. Think of the points as “degree of difficulty.” 

The attached spreadsheet for the final vote has the complexity points assigned by Ex Libris and the proposed solutions. I have also provided attachments showing the details of solutions for three of the requests. You can also find all of this information in NERS.

Two of the enhancements on the ballot (NERS 7674 and 8371) have been revised from their original scope. These revisions were made with the approval of the request submitters as well as members of the Alma PWG.  The spreadsheet shows these enhancements highlighted in yellow. Please read the new titles, descriptions, and solutions carefully to understand the changes in scope.

In addition, two enhancements that were in the top 25 vote getters in Round 1 have been combined into one. These are NERS 8197 and 8377. The TotalVotes First Round column for this line shows the total combined votes for both NERS 8197 and NERS 8377.

Each member institution of IGeLU or ELUNA (or both) has 100 votes to use. Voting ends on June 24 at 11:59 pm HST.