Inventory in Polaris

Polaris can be used for inventory functionality. Items are scanned into the system, and then reports can be run to determine which materials are missing from the shelves or those that have a status other than ‘in.’ Alternatively, users may wish to run a shelf list report of materials and use that as a basis of comparison to what is on the shelf. Instructions for running the shelf list report is covered in another document.

To begin the inventory process, items must first be scanned into Polaris. Scanning the items will update the ‘inventory date’ in the item record, which will be used later when creating the missing items report. It is recommended to scan one collection at a time, and then run subsequent reports.

  1. Scanning items.
    1. On the check-in screen, go to the Inventory tab. Scan items as if to check them in. You’ll note after each scan, the item appears with the Comment ‘Inventory update successful.’

Note that once the item is scanned, the Inventory date is updated to the current date.


If a scanned item is checked out or has any other circulation status than available (such as Missing), a pop-up box will appear indicating as such. The inventory date is still updated, but the loan or any other status is *not* cleared. In the case of items on loan, you’ll want to check in the item and clear up any associated fines where applicable. In cases of items that have a missing or withdrawn status, you’ll want to update the item record | Circulation Status as appropriate.


    1. Alternatively, a file of scanned barcodes can be uploaded. On the Check In screen, go to the Inventory tab. On the far right is an Actions menu where you’ll find Load from File in the drop down list.


Use the Select File button to navigate to the saved file on your computer. Leap will accept .txt .csv or .xls/xlsx files. When uploading a spreadsheet, an additional box will appear asking you to designate the column containing the item barcode. If the Present inventory update status messages is checked, you will see a pop-up for any items that are on loan or have a circulation status other than available, though the pop-up does not include any identifying information. Click Load from File to upload the file.


Similar to scanning items individually, if Present inventory update status messages was checked, popups will display for items that have statuses other than available. The popup will not contain any identifying information.


The list of items will be built, and you will be able to determine which items need further processing (on loan, missing, etc.)