Public, K-12, and Special libraries migrated to the Polaris ILS on December 11, 2019.

Links to the PRODUCTION server are:

LEAP Client - PRD     Polaris PAC - PRD     Simply Reports - PRD  

Links to the TRAINING server are:

LEAP Client - TRN      Polaris PAC - TRN     Simply Reports - TRN

For access to the 'Staff Client' for cataloging and technical services, refer to the RemoteApp Section


Polaris Highlights

The Polaris ILS features:

  • III’s cloud-hosted, subscription solution is provided on Amazon Web Services (AWS) & has data centers located in multiple locations so is in compliance with data privacy laws. 
  • The Polaris Web Client - Leap, provides a completely web-based patron services and circulation interface for staff, allowing for greater mobility and expanded outreach services. Also, easy to train staff.
  • Great customer service and extensive documentation.
  • EContent integration is available through the Polaris ILS.  Libraries using Polaris can catalog, display in PAC, manage access and circulation eContent from OverDrive & many other EContent providers.
  • There is a mobile app available but in addition there is a responsive mobile app for those that don’t wish to download apps.
  • Polaris has a Kid’s catalog.
  • Analytics/Reports are easy to initiate and implement.
  • User friendly.
  • Syndetics provides an attractive view of materials along with reviews.
  • Some technical services are handled within a client but services are expected to be available in LEAP in the future.