Primary Lost/Damaged Consortia Item Contact
    Erica Sodeyama
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    Mission, Vision & Values

    To connect the community, inspire innovation, & encourage curiosity. 

    Grand Forks Public_ is a playground for curious minds.
    We help people discover dreams, grow ideas, & change lives.

    Core Values
    Compassion & Connection:
    We strive to take care of our patrons & each other.
    We warmly welcome all & treat everyone with respect.
    We connect people to ideas, possibilities, & our community.
    We spread kindness throughout the GFP_ experience.

    Inspiration & Innovation:
    We challenge the norm & invite solutions through bold thinking.
    We serve as a catalyst for innovation & idea generation.
    We encourage people to overcome barriers & drive change.
    We believe our community is our inspiration & our reason for being.

    Discovery & Curiosity:
    We inspire lifelong adventure, exploration, & growth.
    We spark curiosity by providing access to fresh materials & resources.
    We explore stories & play with ideas.
    We infuse fun into everything we do.

    2110 Library Circle
    Grand Forks, ND 58201
    United States

    Name Title Phone Number
    Jessica Bailey Executive Administrator 701-772-8116 ext 2003
    Bryan King IT Director 701-772-8116 ext 2010, 701-213-6309
    Angie Laxdal Marketing Director 701-772-8116 ext 2014
    Tonya Palmer Information Services Supervisor 701-772-8116 ext 2016
    Lori Parent Cataloging Supervisor 701-772-8116 ext 2004
    Erica Sodeyama Information Services Librarian 701-772-8116 ext 2001
    Kirbie Sondreal Children’s Services Assistant Director 701-772-8116 ext 2017
    Aaron Stefanich Children’s Services Director 701-772-8116 ext 2008
    Wendy Wendt Director 701-772-8116 ext 2002
    Bobbi Wood Cataloging Associate 701-772-8116 ext 2006
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    Grand Forks Public Library - Interlibrary Loan Department


    Erica Sodeyama
    Grand Forks Public Library
    2110 Library Circle
    Grand Forks, ND 58201
    United States

    ILL Office Hours (CST):
      - Monday - Friday:  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Extended Closed Dates: Holiday & Summer hours vary.

    USPS is utilized to send ILL requests.