User Group Meeting

Polaris Cataloging User Group - June 25, 2020

Jun 25 2020 | 10 - 11pm

June 25, 2020 -- PKS Cataloging Group Meeting Notes:


New items:

  • Removal of items/bibs marked for deletion affect on stats. Response from Polaris.
    • This issue needs further discussion to include more libraries. Circ stats are impacted with item deletion.
  • How are you/your library doing during this time? Library open? Backlog of material to handle?
    • NDSL – staff back in office next week – patrons by appointment – normal hours possibly in August – due to migration/pandemic backlog of deletes
    • WFP – curbside pickup – summer reading program – Little Red Reading Bus – doors open after holiday – backlog of older material to get caught up – Janet Murphy retired.
    • DIP – opening Monday daytime schedule – curbside and mailing – summer reading program – acq staff was gone so there is a lot of backlog to catch up
    • ODIN Office – ALMA go-live at end of July
  • Retention of files – delete anything from before prior month (keep current plus one previous month)? Import files and report files. Lynn checked Polaris documentation for recommendation and there was no static answer – they leave it up to each site to determine what they want to do.
    • This issue needs further discussion to include more libraries.
  • Diacritics in 520 field will sometimes generate PAC search error "An error was encountered" Once we isolate the record, it can generally be fixed using the General Punctuation character set. Requested update from Lauren on status of fix. Update: Will forward answer to group listserv when received.

Pending/old items:

  • Large print and regular print item merging. Remove 020 $z if you run across it. Megan/Jason - procedure to isolate those records still being worked on. Update: on hold
  • Subject heading display standards (include FAST and/or BISAC?). List to be provided to Jason to test on TRN server displays. Kristen sent several examples to share and work from. Poll sent out to listserv. DIP, Statewide Catalog Development Libraries, NDB all do not make any changes. NDSL deletes BISAC, Sears, MESH and foreign language headings. NGF had deleted what they did not want in the past – how does this impact the other libraries? Need feedback on WHAT DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE IS RETAINED? Is this still an issue? If not, it will disappear from the next agenda. 😊
  • Discussion topic: MARC fields to set in the templates to be stripped out of OCLC during import: 029, 263, 938. These are all vendor-specific fields that are not intended to be used by libraries or patrons. We have several options ….
    • #1 set up tags to delete in the default which would limit your flexibility but standardize across all libraries (assuming everyone can agree)
    • #2 have a recommended standard for the Import Profiles and let each library determine what is best for what they are doing. This would allow for different tags to be deleted in different profiles as needed
    • #3 In release 6.4 (currently available on TRN environment and soon to be installed on PROD), there is an option to delete all instances of a defined tag – not just the first or last during a Bib Record Bulk Change. This should be of great help in some of the remaining cleanup activities.
    • #4 set up profile in OCLC to strip out tags on import. Lynn setup PROD server for NGF to not retain tags. Bobbi had to make a slight profile change to use the system default settings. To do: Work on document outlining the different ways to address this issue. Will become part of the Cataloging User Group documents when completed. UPDATE: no change
  • Audrey from NGF reported having issues with ILL – LEA material is being sent when NGF already owns the item. Lori will check if this is still an issue and ask Audrey again to submit ticket if it is. Status?
  • In March it was mentioned that Leach has separate bibs many times for same title so the patrons are requesting material. PAC settings might play into the issue. Which view are they coming into and what are the limitations of that view. Any further information on this?
  • WFP and NDS interested in Polaris label making process - Lynn find documentation to discuss at a later meeting. Update: WFP has been able to make this work – still need a few refinements and correct labels to arrive. Documentation was helpful once sizing was clear.