Polaris Acquisitions/Serials User Group Meeting - April 2024

Apr 3 2024 | 11am - 12pm


Meeting Summary:


  • Any ongoing issues after the 7.5 production update?

  • 7.6 scheduled for release in Q2

Library Updates: 

  • Dickinson Public – Fully staffed. New Director in place for 2 months.

  • NDSL – Weeding and getting ready to do some shifting.

  • WFP – Lots of projects/relabeling. City approved a new position – Circ. Manager. 

Idea Exchange

  • Current voting opportunities

  • How to post an idea

  • 2024 Polaris Members Exclusive Enhancement Process (MEEP)

  • Informational session tomorrow @ 10am

  • Feedback for the 12 enhancement candidates due Friday, April 5th 

Anything else you would like to discuss or address?

  • 2024 meeting invitations sent out – If you didn’t receive one or know of someone who would like an invitation, please reach out!

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024.