Discovery User Group Meeting - May 2021

May 21 2021 | 11am - 12pm


  • Member Updates 

  • University of Jamestown (NDJ): Amanda, Phyllis – summer class support, new director hired and will start 2nd week July - (Administration gave them paid week off for COVID year thank you) - fun things in summer, workshop on Monday Potluck/listening to presentation together; birds nests visit with ornithology professor and picnic - for library staff to rejuvenate as well as training sessions on library-specific issues 

  • NDSU (NWQ): Beth – Dean is leaving, met with Provost who suggested interim 2 to 3 years rather than move in the Assistant Dean - stressful time – budget cuts looming and 2 other Dean searches going on – advocacy of membership can be tapped; recreating website and rebuild content and reduce the content based on usage – their analysis is showing advanced research skill specific guides are used more than discipline ones - could be external audience too - can’t justify subscribing to Libguides and don’t like them – have to code to make them look good with your website. They don’t want research guides be results thinks it’s confusing. 

  • UND - Brittany, Shelby, Alfred, Karlene, Kristen – experimenting with Primo collections and Shelby happy to help others – local field for UND Writer’s Conference so that would be a good collection to promote around the time of the conference; Laura Egan promoted to Head of Collection Strategies and the library has to follow UND Business practices vs library-only practices - using Alma for statistics; we're interviewing for Circulation Specialist and ILL Associate; PDFs provided by databases fail accessibility audits – Kelly is encouraging faculty not to include the Permalinks but to only include the citation and then teach them to use Fetch it – that way get the stats and staying within copyright 

  • Mayville State University (NMY): Kelly - NDUS program review for the LMIS and teaching LIS  courses; weeding; hiring on hold and if it doesn’t go through she will reduce library services 

  • Dickinson State University (NDI): Monica – wrapping up semester and weeded books going to better world books; 2 classes using reading lists this summer using leganto and can present on it to the group 

  • Bismarck State College (NBJ): Tina Stockdill – new Reference librarian there and has been at many ND libraries previously – setting up OER resources - using faculty select currently but will create a research guide; building up programming  

  • ODIN Office: Liz, Nicole, Jason – Lynn and Jason working on new website to July for communicating with libraries and managing Authgate for public users – will be much more open vs having to log in; Nicole in middle of doing a patron purge project and the Minitex ILL project to expand options and direct partner links for direct lending; Liz adding Ebsco ebook collections to the network zone 

  • Demonstration/Instruction 

  • Creating Collections check in - Kelly created one and it went so easy! Shelby is helping us do them too. 

  • Other Discussion Items 

  • DEI and EDI wording – the latter is preferred and is used by ALA (could add Justice – JEDI) 

  • Summer - yes continue these - right now we have a calendar invite just to today. And Lynn will take over managing these and send out new invitations – Teams vs Collaborate Discussion – multiple windows issue for the latter - start with Teams on June 18th - can reach out for additional help to Kristen, Tina or Kelly for help